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Monday, August 12, 2019

In El Paso, Democrats Show Us How Low They Can Go

“Saying that President Trump has ‘fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation,’ Democratic presidential primary front-runner Joe Biden on Wednesday will directly link the president to the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.”  ~Fox News, August 7, 2019

Long ago I concluded that the lowest form of criminal is the person who tries to pin his crime on another innocent person.  A lot of people are capable of doing the wrong thing, but it takes a special kind of corruption – a person devoid of conscience – to watch innocent people suffer for your own crimes.  That’s what’s on my mind with respect to the mass killings that took place in El Paso last week, and the Left’s mad rush to try and direct blame onto Donald Trump. 

Democrats say it was Trump’s anti-illegal immigrant rhetoric that stirred the El Paso shooter’s anger towards illegal immigrants (actually if democrats were telling this story they would have deceitfully left out the word “illegal,” but for the sake of brevity we’ll have to ignore their duplicity for a moment).  What they’ve argued, in a nutshell, is that anger inspired the shooter’s actions, therefore whoever inspired that anger is to blame for his crimes.  I wonder if the finger-pointers would stand by their self-serving logic after I’ve adeptly explained why it is they, not Trump, who are responsible for the rage that the shooter was feeling.

a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs
     ~Merriam-Webster Dictionary

First, let’s understand something about the relationship between anger and frustration.  Frustration, “a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs,” leads to anger.  Consider the example of the child who is treated differently from a favored sibling, i.e., held to a higher standard of behavior, punished for behaviors that the favored child is allowed to get away with, deprived of nice things that are offered to the favored child.  Imagine that child’s frustration due to his impotence over his situation.  What kind of feelings do you suppose this engenders in the mistreated child towards the favored sibling?  One would imagine that he must harbor great resentment, especially if the favored child wallows in the favoritism and is indifferent to his sibling’s pain.  Who is ultimately responsible for the child’s frustration and anger?  “The parents” is the logical answer.  They are the ones who have created this sick situation over which the child has no control, and that responsibility doesn’t shift if an outside observer points out to the mistreated child that he has every reason to be angry.

Now let’s look at who is responsible for the sick situation of illegal immigration in this nation that has frustrated most Americans.

The ILLEGAL immigration problem in this country has been continuously worsening since after WWII, when labor shortages (real or perceived) led millions of Mexican workers to come to the U.S., some illegally and some on temporary work permits.  When the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was passed and led to a wave of legal immigration as well as a huge shift in the origins of immigrants, the U.S. put a halt to the temporary worker permits for Mexican laborers, but migrants in search of work continued to come illegally.  We all know that the growing problem of illegal immigration ultimately led to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 under which Ronald Reagan, in a deal with the devil (Ted Kennedy) infamously granted amnesty for nearly three million illegal immigrants.  Thus began the age of the Left’s recognition of the value of immigration as a political weapon and as a source of division among Americans that proved helpful to Team Democrat.  The power to frustrate conservatives is an intoxicating drug to the Left; consequently, in the pursuant years they have added fuel to our frustration by heaping one reward after another onto those who trespass here.  We are forced by law to educate the children of those who trespass here illegally, and the doors of our hospitals must be opened to illegals, regardless of how it increases the cost – or the wait – for those of us who pay the bills; if illegals commit crimes or their children become gang members who threaten the safety of Americans, that’s too bad.  

Press one for English…..

Then came the Left’s typical sly strategy of linguistic slight-of-hand.  The illegals have become the “undocumented.”  This is supposed to make us forget that we are talking about criminals - people who disrespect our sovereignty, ignore our laws and take advantage of us.  And because the Left is enjoying our frustration so much, they will show us who’s boss by declaring our cities to be places of “sanctuary” for illegals, reject any attempt to secure our borders, give driver’s licenses to illegals, allow illegals to vote in our elections, denounce the men and women who enforce our borders, and suggest that illegals, too, will get “free” healthcare under their socialist schemes.  Though we have been told for more than a decade that the illegal population here is “11 million,” a joint study last year by researchers at Yale and MIT estimated the actual figure to likely be in excess of 22 million, or almost twice what the MSM has been deceitfully reporting for more than a decade; yet we cannot ascertain what the truth is because leftist groups like the ACLU, using our own courts against us, won’t allow it.

Yet it is Donald Trump, we are told, who is to blame for the anger that ravaged El Paso, because Trump dared to object out loud to what has happened in this country.  If the source of the shooter’s anger is to blame for his heinous act, then I’ll let you be the judge of who has created the conditions for that anger.



  1. Bravo! CW! Illegals busting into our country is older than I knew. BTW, did you know that the poem, 'The New Colossus'. ( ) is actually in our Constitution! Who knew!

    1. Thanks so much, tannngl.

      I’m ashamed to say I never heard of this poem before now, but of course when I looked at your link I recognized the phrase that is inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. I’m not sure about any connection to the Constitution, though, because according to the poet’s bio The Colossus was written in 1883. It was interesting to read that the poem was inspired by the persecution of Jews in Russia (Emma Lazarus, the author, was Jewish), reminding us once again that this ongoing problem has long predated you and I, and some things never change.

      Thanks for leaving a comment (and helping to educate me!).

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