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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Universal Basic Income: Theft by any Other Name is Still Theft

“A leftist is person with the mind of a criminal whose ambition is to harness the power of the government in the commission of his crimes.”

~CW, conservative patriot, July 20, 2018

You’ve got to hand it to the Left for their entrepreneurial spirit.  The busy little bees never stop working to think of new ways to transfer wealth (read:  steal) from one person so that it can be placed into the pocket of another, because the ability to do so is what ensures the Left’s ability to amass power, and power is their ultimate drug.  If only there was a way to harness all that energy for good, such as for making license plates or picking up trash on the sides of the highways.

The latest wealth transfer scheme of the busy bees is innocently referred to as “universal basic income.”  No doubt it sounds non-threatening to those who haven’t yet come to terms with who the Left really is. The idea of using the government as a tool for taking money from one set of citizens to give to another is hardly new.  It’s come up over the years in one form or another as the criminal minds on the Left test the sheeple’s appetite for participating in their schemes of theft.  When they can’t get much traction (because sometimes the people with consciences outnumber those without), they quietly retreat until the opportunity seems ripe to try it once again.  Apparently they believe that opportunity is now, so the busy bees are waging a mass campaign to introduce the concept here, there and everywhere so as to warm the sheeple to this idea.  While I typically avoid reading leftist-run news media (probably a big mistake on my part but in my defense confronting the dishonesty and ignorance is just too depressing), I would bet my last dollar that the propaganda campaign has been long underway, with the seeds being sowed for ways by which the sheeple can justify becoming part of the scheme.  I encountered one of the sheeple in a comment section of a Fox News article the other day who, in response to my comment expressing disgust with the scheme, informed me that it will be necessary because people are going to lose their jobs with the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  I reminded him that the nature of the work world is that it’s always changing, and somehow people have managed to adapt….until now, and isn’t it funny how we need wealth transfer to save us from AI just like we need wealth transfer to save us from climate change when the climate has always been changing?  It was too late.  He has his justification and he is intent on using it.

So now many of the Left’s busy bees are coming out publicly in support of the scheme called universal basic income, Mark Zuckerberg being one of the more notable figures to do so when he gave the commencement speech to the latest batch of indoctrinated robots emerging from Harvard.  Most recently the king busy bee, Barack Obama, decided it was time to let the world see a bit more of his true colors when he gave a Nelson Mandela Lecture in Johannesburg (Mandela was affiliated with the communists, btw) in which he said, “…we’re going to have to consider new ways of thinking about these problems, like a universal income, review of our workweek, how we retrain our young people, how we make everybody an entrepreneur at some level.”  Wasn’t that sly, the way he just slipped that in there?  It all sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  There’s no one slicker than Obama.  Here’s a leftist who’s always working to increase the power and stranglehold of the unions talking about making “everybody an entrepreneur.”  The man must laugh himself to sleep every night thinking about the joke that he’s playing on the world, all at our expense, but I digress.

This is not going to be a post about why the concept of universal basic income “won’t work” because to do so is to fall into the trap of legitimizing the very idea, which is precisely what the leftists want us to do.  Think about this:  When was the last time you heard someone argue that murder “doesn’t work” or rape “doesn’t work” or grand larceny “doesn’t work?”  It’s absurd, right?  We wouldn’t entertain such arguments because we don’t accept that there is ever a legitimate case to be made in favor of murder, rape or robbery.  The same should be true for Universal basic income a.k.a. theft.  It won’t work because we won’t allow it, and we won’t allow it because it’s theft.  That’s the only type of “argument” that should be made when rejecting the scheme the Left smilingly calls “universal basic income.”

Those of you who scoff and say it could never happen should remember that Obamacare is still around, beaten up but not dead.  If I were in congress I would introduce a bill that declares the concept of universal basic income, or anything like it (because they’ll just keep changing the name) to be not in keeping with the Constitution or the American promise of liberty, and that anyone who attempts to sell it in public is suborning theft, and this should be declared a crime so that thieves like Zuckerberg, Obama and others can shut up or go to jail.

I’ll close by suggesting what seems obvious to me, which is that we already have universal basic income, except we’ve always called it by it’s old fashioned name:  WORK.  You lose one job, you go get another one, and for this you get paid.  If that means you have to be re-trained, so be it.  People have dealt with advances in industrialization and technology for a century without resorting to mass theft.  Let us hope we can remain that sort of people.


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