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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Just Because They Can

Anyone who’s been around babies knows the game where you place an object in front of a baby and the baby throws the object on the floor so that he may have the pleasure of watching you pick it up.  The baby never tires of this delightful game, because it marks the point in a child’s life where he first understands what it feels like to have power.  The game goes on indefinitely unless and until the adult refuses to play, at which point the baby will scream and so begins the real test of who is actually in charge. 

Fast forward to adulthood and unfortunately it turns out that some babies never quite grow up.  Oh they grow facial hair and sprout breasts and all that but alas that pretty much sums up their journey to adulthood.  While others grow up and realize that the earth does not revolve around them, these arrested individuals – let’s just go ahead and call them liberals – can think of nothing but their own egos.   Regardless of age they have not outgrown the sense of pleasure that comes from forcing others to bend to their will.  Consequently they spend an inordinate amount of time and effort crusading for the most unlikely causes. 

They sue to make parents and vets take down crosses memorializing their dead loved ones (“American Atheists Sue Over World Trade Center Cross”  ˜Abc News; “Grieving California mom takes down cross on road after group’s protest, more appear”  ˜Fox News).

They sue, boycott and otherwise bully to turn St. Patrick’s Day parades into LGBT propagandafests (Gay rights politics get in the way of St. Patrick’s Day parades”  ˜The Washington Post).

They sue and bully towns and organizations to take away symbols of Christmas (“Man Sues to Eliminate Christmas” ˜ABC News).

They sue to protect obscure species of rodents, fish and bugs (“Lawsuit Launched Over Water Project That Will Hurt Endangered Kangaroo Rat”  ˜Center for Biological Diversity (yes, that’s a real organization);  “Activists To File Another Lawsuit Over Delta Smelt”  ˜; “Groups file lawsuit over endangered NE beetle”  ˜AP)

The latest game involves an attack on the food industry as liberals and special interests have joined forces to demand costly and unnecessary changes to labeling regulations (“Liberal Groups, Democratic Members of Congress and Organic Food Industry Present President Obama with Demands for New Food Industry Labeling Regulations”  ˜The National Center for Public Policy Research); “Here we go again — Another California GMO-labeling bill introduced”  ˜American Council on Science and Health).  Never mind that these foods have a history of being perfectly safe.  Never mind that food producers already can and often do include this information on their labels.  Voluntary action does not satisfy the liberal’s inner need to make people do stuff.  According to Jeff Stier, Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington, D.C., and head of its Risk Analysis Division, "Mandatory labeling of GM foods fails every justification for requiring them: scientific, economic, legal, and most of all, common sense.  [This is] for the sole benefit of those seeking the labels."

Now, we know why the organic food industry is involved and we know why the lawyers are involved – money.  That’s right, the almighty dollar. But why do liberal groups and democrats want to make all these food producers jump through yet more hoops for no good reason?  Because they can, that’s why.  They’re throwing stuff on the floor so they can watch us pick it up.  It makes them they feel powerful.  Now they can sit around in their living rooms, high-fiving each other over their important victories as they pass around a joint. 

Conservative blogs abound with story after story examining the incomprehensible and trying to make sense of the hypocrisy and dishonesty.  Undoubtedly there sometimes are deeper motives at play, usually money and/or the desire to surreptitiously advance an unpopular agenda.  But in the absence of a clear motive the answer is very simple:  it’s just because they can.

No doubt the lefties and the rare breed of rabid libertarian that stalks my blog will try to argue that conservatives are just as guilty based upon their history of opposing or regulating things like drug use, prostitution and same-sex marriage.  I know it may seem incredible to some that behaviors which have proven to have serious and far-reaching societal implications would be compared to, say, interfering with the habitat of a certain bug or erecting a cross to memorialize a dead child or soldier but trust me, the comparison will be made.  A combination of stunted mental maturity and deep immersion into the world of leftwing propaganda renders some folks incapable of making rational distinctions.  But by all means, let them make the argument.  I welcome the amusement.