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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

...a liberal happened to be driving through a rough part of town.  When he came to a stop light in a deserted area, he was suddenly accosted by hoodlums looking to have a little fun.  The hoods ordered the liberal to get out of his Toyota Prius.  One of them drew a circle in the dirt on the ground some distance from the car and ordered the liberal to stand in the circle.  As he stood there, watching them, the hoods began to trash his car.  Using baseball bats and crow bars they smashed the windows and the headlights.  When they looked over to see the liberal's reaction, they were surprised to find him laughing.  “You think that’s funny?” they said.  “Watch this!”  And with that they proceeded to deflate all the tires and pummel the hood and sides.  Happy with their work they turned to see the effect and were again surprised to find him laughing.  Getting angry, they decided to leave no part of the car unscathed, and they tore into it with a vengeance.  When the car was destroyed they turned again, only to find the man doubled over with laughter.  “Hey man,” one of them yelled.  “We just destroyed your ride.  What the hell you laughing at?” to which the liberal replied, “Well...when you weren’t looking, I stepped out of the circle THREE times!!”

 Yes it’s an old joke and I’ve told it many times before but I’m going to keep telling it because it so perfectly captures the shortsightedness of the average liberal.  They dance and twirl with glee because they “won” on Obamacare, but they are apparently oblivious to the devastating implications to their own liberty.  They would probably bring the wine if they were invited to dinner by cannibals.