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Friday, July 15, 2016

Obama Imitates Art

I can remember watching soap operas back in college.  Every show had its resident villain, an evil character who was always scheming and up to no good but who had just about everyone fooled with his or her lies and phony charm.  We at home would shake our heads at our TV sets as we watched them carry out their wicked plans, impatiently waiting for the other characters on the show to finally catch on so we could have that wonderfully satisfying moment of seeing them exposed at last.

I feel exactly the same way about Barack Obama.  For eight long years I’ve watched this evil man as he’s lied and schemed his way through the highest office in the land.  I’ve waited impatiently for Americans to wake up and see through the phoniness and dishonesty that’s so clearly transparent to so many of us, but it never happens, and in all likelihood it never will because in real life, just like in the soaps, some people see only what they want to see.  Others, sadly, are just as corrupt as Obama is.  Those are the character flaws that separate Left from Right.

Of the many things about which Obama has lied and schemed, perhaps nothing has made me more anxious for America’s wake-up moment than his barely disguised, purposeful agitations on race.  The Trouble-Maker-In-Chief uses his unique access to the national stage to draw the nation’s attention to selected local events in ways that he knows will unduly incite the black community and nourish the seeds of victimhood sown decades ago by a prior generation of leftists.  In contrast to better presidents who’ve been careful in these situations not to abuse their power and taint the process of justice, Obama often plods forth in a shameful, juvenile rush to judgment.  He can’t help himself.  He’s a leftist, and causing trouble is what leftists like to do.  Thousands of other Americans have been victims of crimes committed by blacks during the Obama presidency.  Does he take the time to opine on any of those?  No. Focusing on the epidemic of black violence in our cities wouldn’t serve his purposes and is therefore not worthy of Obama’s time or political capital regardless of how many lives – black or white – might be saved.  That strain of cold-heartedness would be worthy of the most calculating TV villain, and it shouldn’t take a genius to see it, yet time and again I’ve listened with amazement as pundits and “journalists” (are there any real journalists anymore?) defend or even applaud Obama’s rhetoric on racially charged events as if his intentions were good.  What does it take for these mindless chair-warmers to recognize deviousness?  The mind-dulling influence of liberalism, it seems, has turned too many people into children without the desire or capacity to identify evil when it’s right in front of their eyes.

Polls tell us that racial divisions have worsened considerably since Obama took office.  No kidding.  Those of us who aren’t part of the script can plainly see this for ourselves, and we can see who’s responsible for it, thus we are not fooled when Obama now reassures us, in his most patronizing performance, that we are not as divided as we seem.  Barack Obama is like a daddy who sexually assaults his child and then wants to sing her to sleep, and his devoted Democrat followers are the enabling mothers who look the other way because they don’t want to upset their lifestyles.

And me?  I just desperately want to change the channel.


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Friday, July 8, 2016

Democrats Redefine “Partisan”

Partisan:  a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause, or person; especially :  one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance
~Merriam-Webster Dictionary (emphasis in bold is mine)

Facts are stubborn things.  That’s why when facts become a problem, Democrats simply redefine the language and voila!  No more problem. Not for them at least, but as is always the case, dishonesty has a way of harming the innocent.
We are a country that’s become destructively divided thanks to liberalism, yet just about the only time you’ll hear the word “partisan” uttered from the lips of a Democrat is when another Democrat is in trouble, and then you’ll hear it a lot.  It came up many times in yesterday’s hearing when FBI Director James Comey testified about his decision not to recommend filing charges against Hillary Clinton despite clear evidence that she broke that law and placed our national security at risk, and did so intentionally.  After watching this and other hearings where Democrat misbehavior is the subject, anyone unfamiliar with our language might have concluded that “partisanship” is what happens when Republicans hold a Democrat accountable to the law and/or to the public.  So in order to help anyone who’s confused about what partisanship really is, let’s review what happened and have a little quiz.
A U.S. Secretary of State intentionally ignored the established rules and guidelines with respect to communication procedures, and as a result placed potentially sensitive government (i.e. belonging to The People) information at risk.  This official then proceeded to have her lawyers (who have no security clearances) go through her emails and decide which ones to keep and which to destroy, and we learned that many of those destroyed concerned the government’s business (so much for Freedom of Information, eh?).  The official is investigated by the FBI, after which the FBI Director holds a press conference where he confirms that all of this wrong-doing took place but then concludes that no charges should be filed.  Oh yes, and that official is running for election to be this country’s next president.  Now let’s consider the different reactions to these events.  We have one group that’s rightfully disturbed and insists on holding public hearings to investigate, ask questions and – yes - condemn the misdeeds of this official.  We have another group that defends the official in spite of her misdeeds and instead attacks the other group.  Here's your quiz:  
Which one is “…exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance?” 
This blind allegiance is a pattern with Democrats that we see again and again, hence the reason we so often hear the phrase “circle the wagons” used to describe the actions of Democrats whenever a fellow Democrat comes under fire.  That doesn’t mean Republicans never engage in partisanship, but how are people supposed to know when real partisanship occurs after they’ve been brainwashed to believe that seeking the truth and holding people to account for misbehavior is what is meant by “partisan?”  And to make matters worse, the news agencies are all too eager to go along with this dangerous ruse.  Like too many others they have no appreciation for the harmful game they’re playing along with.
Why should it matter so much when a word here or there gets abused?  Language, to a society, is like the unseen nuts and bolts that hold a space shuttle together.  Those nuts and bolts are underappreciated until enough of them fail to cause a disaster.  Likewise, language is a critical tool for preserving our liberty, and when we allow it to be destroyed one word at a time just for the benefit of one group’s self-serving pursuits we lose some of that precious liberty. 
Those who won’t stand up for liberty deserve to lose it. Don't acquiesce to the Left's corruption of our language. 
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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Fix is in, But Hillary “O.J.” Clinton is Still Damaged Goods

On Saturday, when I heard that the FBI had questioned Hillary Clinton for only three and a half hours, I began to suspect that the fix was in.  By Sunday, when some news agencies were already reporting that there would be no charges, I felt pretty sure the fix was in – they were getting their information from somewhere.  And today, when the Director of the FBI had an announcement just three days after Clinton’s FBI interview, I knew the fix was in.  Having watched Judge Andrew Napolitano lay out the clear case against Hillary many times now, there’s no question in my mind that this was a political decision made by the powers that be.  James Comey should hang his head in shame.

Despite all that, Hillary should not rest easy.  The Left may be very good at manipulating the public, but there isn’t time before this election to erase what the public already knows.  Had she been indicted her minions would have portrayed her as a victim and rallied the troops to her defense.  Simple-minded people might have felt sorry for her.  But now everyone knows that Teflon Hillary got away with her crimes, and even some Democrats (Bernie supporters mostly) are going to have a problem with that.  As long as the Left are running things Hillary Clinton is above the law, and that’s where she feels entitled to be.  Donald Trump will rightfully have a field day – nay many field days – with that.  It plays perfectly into the Crooked Hillary theme, even better than an indictment and acquittal would, I dare say.  And now we have the FBI Director’s official proclamation that she was “careless” in the way she conducted herself as Secretary of State.  That’s a fine endorsement, eh?

Whenever our elected and appointed officials fail to do their duties to hold the corrupt accountable, it is up to the people to do so.  O.J. Simpson may have gotten away with murder, but he rightfully became a public pariah nonetheless.  Will people today have the conscience to hold Hillary accountable?  We’re about to find out.


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