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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Reject Paul Ryan as Speaker

The big news this morning is that Paul Ryan is granting us the enormous favor of running for speaker, providing he gets to call the shots.  The image of House members and political junkies waiting breathlessly for his decision is amusing when you consider that electing Ryan would pretty much make the contentious ouster of Boehner completely meaningless.  If anyone from the Freedom Caucus sector of the House wants Ryan as Speaker that is bizarre, and if moderates are cheering Ryan on in the hope for unity they are tone deaf. 

I used to have great respect for Paul Ryan until I started paying closer attention to the things he was saying.  The more I learn to observe and read between the lines of our politicians the more I understand that there are basically three types of people running the branches of our government.  First there the Obama types whose mission is to abuse and misuse their power to take from and control the people that the government is supposed to serve.  Next there are people like Ted Cruz whose mission is to defend us against tyrants like Obama by upholding, restoring and enforcing the Constitution, which was designed by our fore fathers for the express purpose of limiting the reach of government.  Then there are those who see their roles as peacemakers between the tyrants and the constitutionalists.  That third category is where Paul Ryan falls.

Like many republicans, I believe Paul Ryan probably came to Congress with reasonably noble intentions and he’s probably a nice man; but noble intentions have a funny way of getting sidetracked when people focus on math instead of on principles.  Ryan, known for his encyclopedic knowledge of the national budget, concerns himself with making the numbers work as if the principles that form the basis of this nation don’t matter as long as you can balance the budget.  This is the greatest of ironies, because restoring the government to its limits under the Constitution would naturally resolve our spending problems.  Maybe Mr. Ryan doesn’t want to be out of a job.

My lightbulb moment with respect to Ryan came when he began talking about “means testing” as a way to save Social Security and Medicare.  As I made the case in a prior post (“Means Testing and Marxism,” March 2013), means testing equates to classic Marxism:  “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.”  I have challenged readers before, and will do so again now, to explain to me how means testing is any different than Marxism when it comes to the final result.  The only difference is that wealth transfer was the undisguised objective of Marx, whereas for Ryan it is the consequence of the misguided goal of saving socialism in America.  In addition we know now that Mr. Ryan is cozy with the amnesty crowd and hasn't stood up against raising the debt ceiling. 

This nation as we know it is in grave danger, perhaps irretrievably so, and we need a warrior, not a compromiser.  I beseech the members of the Freedom Caucus to stand firm and make the ouster of Boehner lead to something meaningful.  Say “NO” to Paul Ryan.



Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Socialism is Theft. Any Questions?


As a word, I’m sure it sounds fairly innocuous to the mindless robots that seem to make up most of the world’s population these days.  After all, the base part of the word is “social,” and heck, who doesn’t like being social?  And if you look at the official definition of socialism in the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, you still won’t find anything that sounds all that sinister to a mindless robot: 

Socialism:  “A way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.”


1.  “Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods;”

2.  “A system of society or group living in which there is no private property;”

3.  “A stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done;”

See?  It’s just another economic theory.  Just another “system.”   The definitions don’t talk about how “the government” comes into possession of the means of production, or how what was once private property magically becomes public property.  It ignores that whole ugly process as if it doesn’t exist, but we know the truth, don’t we?  In order for industries to be owned and controlled by “the government” or for private property to cease to exist the industries and the private property must first be forcibly taken from the people who once owned them.  In other words, they must be stolen.  That’s the ugly truth about socialism that gets conveniently glossed over.  That’s why someone like Bernie Sanders can openly declare that he’s a socialist and not be viciously rejected by people who presumably would acknowledge that theft is immoral.  The robots hear “socialism” and they’ve been programmed, thanks to public education run by the Left, to think of it as just another morally equivalent economic alternative to free market capitalism. 

It’s no such thing.

In a sane world where personal rights are respected, anyone who openly advocates socialism as a societal “system” should be – at a minimum – arrested and confined behind bars for a very long time, because there is no difference between advocating socialism and suborning THEFT.  Pray tell me what is the difference between proposing “free” (i.e. with money forcibly taken from taxpayers) healthcare, college and daycare and simply calling outright for people to steal from those who have something they want?  There’s zero difference, which is why socialism is THEFT - period.

The news accounts of the thousands of thieves-in-waiting who are filling the seats at Bernie Sanders’ rallies and salivating at the prospect of having government as their gang leader should sicken anyone who values economic freedom and wants to preserve it for their children.  Make no mistake - the socialists at the Sanders rallies are no better than the smash and grab gangs we see on the news who take what they want with complete disregard for the people they steal from.  The only difference, by and large, is the color of their skin and the absence of hoodies.  How do these people face themselves in the mirror at night?  What went wrong in their upbringing that they are lining up for their chance to steal from their neighbors and fellow citizens, all the while patting themselves on their backs for their virtuousness?  More importantly, why are we tolerating this blatant threat to our property rights? 

It’s not helpful that we have the usual wonks who get out their calculators (sound familiar, Wall Street Journal?) and turn this issue into a matter of dollars and cents rather than right versus wrong.  They answer the socialists with calculations of how much their socialism is going to cost.  LOL.  Since when are thieves persuaded by their victims’ arguments of how much the thieving will cost them?  Oh, and did I mention that socialists are liars too?  They will always insist that everyone is better off if we give the socialists the power to steal.  As I’ve said in the past ad nauseam, the minute free people respond to the socialists/thieves by debating the cost of the proposed theft, the free people have lost.  Period, end of story.  This is an issue of rights, and it doesn’t matter if it costs ten cents or ten trillion dollars.  We are the U.S. of A., and people are supposed to have rights to their property, a principle that is entirely lost on socialists and wonks with calculators.

Bernie Sanders is openly and unapologetically running on a platform of outright THEFT, and he and his supporters should be in jail; but I will say this for Bernie:  at least he is an honest thief.   And don’t be fooled by those who dismiss Bernie Sanders’ chances because he’s a proud socialist/thief.  Virtually every member of the Democrat Party is a socialist by word and deed, regardless of what label they give themselves.  Obama had the same goals as Sanders, but unlike Bernie he wasn’t so honest about his plans and his cunning approach helped him significantly advance the agenda of the thieves in his capacity as gang leader.  Hillary Clinton is just another thief in a pink pantsuit.  For that matter, there are a number of Republicans who fit in that ugly shoe as well.

Earlier I asked, “Why are we tolerating this blatant threat to our property rights?”  The answer is that we’ve been programmed to accept theft in the guise of social policy for close to a century now, and those who understand what’s going on also understand that there is no political solution to this problem.  That’s right, read between the lines.  That’s one reason that the socialists/thieves are laser-focused on dismantling our Second Amendment rights and disarming the citizenry.  The other reason is that socialism thrives when they can divide a population with wedge issues, but that’s an essay for another day.