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Monday, February 15, 2016

Obama and His Minions Scheme to Replace Scalia

With the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia being just hours old the busy little bees in the Obama administration are excitedly working behind the scenes on their strategy to make the most of what they surely consider a wonderful gift.  As with every single thing Obama does, there will be a Machiavellian calculation of exactly how far left they can push us without arousing concern or pushback from their core constituency (a.k.a. The Sheep), and how to get the RINOs in congress (a.k.a. The Useful Idiots) to help them.  It will be decided that Obama & Company MUST get to select Scalia’s replacement at all costs, because anyone they nominate will be to the Left of a Republican president’s nominee and therefore will be a long-term win for their side.  Obama will suddenly discover that he has a moral imperative to fulfill his duty under the Constitution (Shhh!  Never mind that he has spent his entire presidency in court fighting the Constitution).  Now the messaging.  Hmmmm.  Think think think think.  Here it is:  They’ll talk about compromise!  “Look how reasonable we are being!” they will cry.  Why, Obama could have pushed for a progressive (a.k.a. leftwing activist who despises the Constitution) but out of concern for the nation and the crisis that we’re in (that’s right, it’s a crisis!), he will be the bigger man and put his own preferences aside to nominate a moderate or centrist for the sake of the country.  The world will marvel at how reasonable and humble he is.  If only those dirty rightwingers (a.k.a. constitutional conservatives) would stop being so stubborn (and racist).  As a matter of fact, it will occur to Obama & Company, as they act out the entire scheme in their devious little heads (buzzzzz), that the nominee MUST be black.  This will not only delight our Racist in Chief and reaffirm the loyalty of the black community to the Democrat Party, but it will also allow Obama & Company to make accusations of racism should Republicans locate their spines and attempt to fight the nomination.  Perfect!

As for enlisting the help of The Useful Idiots, that shouldn’t be too hard.  They view compromise as the next best thing to sainthood and nothing is scarier to them than being called racists.  The Usual Suspects (a.k.a traitors) like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski and others can probably be tempted to step in and save the day for the sake of all-important compromise in return for some media fawning and a nice lunch at the Whitehouse.

Wait for it……!