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Thursday, April 24, 2014

What I learned Today at the Huffington Post: Rachel Maddow is Another “Green” Hypocrite

“Climate change” is a man-made disaster, the Left tells us.  It’s all because we are gluttons with our energy use and our carbon footprints are much bigger than they need to be, they scold.  So it was with great amusement that I read today’s fawning piece in Huffpo about the addition to uber-liberal Rachel Maddow’s  second home:

Huffpo finds it charming that Maddow and her “partner” have added a bath house to their vacation home in Massachusetts.  Apparently it’s okay for liberals to have “retreats” and extra homes and such because they have to work so hard trying to keep the rest of us in line so they really need to get away from their main homes and relax, re-connect, re-charge, get back in touch with their liberalism, or whatever. 

“Designed by architect Nicole Migeon, primarily as a second bathroom for Maddow and her partner Susan Mikula's weekend getaway, the outhouse-like structure is what Maddow calls a "retreat within a retreat…" 

“…Migeon—who worked with Maddow and Mikula on their West Village apartment—designed a one-room bathhouse tucked away in the woods. The simple pitched-roof ¬structure, more than just an outhouse, features vertical wood slats (made from sustainably grown cedar) that reference the design of old tobacco-drying barns in the area and conceal drains and vents while providing soft, diffused light; perfect for a low-key late-afternoon dip in the hot tub. Migeon worked with woodworker Chuck Bayliss to build the reclaimed-maple cabinets that hide an entertainment center and linen closet.”

Good thing they made sure to let us know that the cedar used to panel almost every inch of this bath house was “sustainably grown” and the cabinets were “reclaimed” (that’s the liberal word for “used”) so that Ms. Maddow doesn’t diminish her credibility as an environmentalist even though she owns two homes and just expanded her carbon footprint yet again.  If you look at the photos contained in the Huffpo piece you’ll see that quite a large number of cedar trees had to be sacrificed to create just the right ambience for Ms. Maddow’s bath house; but don’t worry because it turns out we can grow more cedar trees.  Who knew?

Apparently we are not to concern ourselves wondering about the extra energy consumed in traveling between the two residences or maintaining two homes (BTW, did you notice the carefully landscaped grounds around the bath house?), or the energy and other materials used to construct the bath house, re-locate the cabinets and heat the hot tub.  Instead we are supposed to admire Ms. Maddow for her commitment to environmentalism because she chose “sustainable” cedar (a lot of it!) and used cabinets. 

Well, you know what they say: 

An environmentalist is a liberal who already has their bath house in the woods.



  1. Thank you for that clever retort.

  2. Hillary 2016!

    You can't stop it!

    1. So you're finally outing yourself?

    2. Wonder what you Baggers think of Palin saying water boarding is "baptism for terrorists"?

      The Right is sick in the head...

    3. “Baggers.” Ouch. What an original and creative insult.

      So let’s see. You want me to be upset because Sarah Palin made a JOKE about water boarding people who hack off other people’s heads and fly planes full of people into buildings full of people? No, I don’t think I’ll waste even a smidgeon of energy fretting about that.

      What’s “sick” is someone who gets his panties in a wad over Palin’s joke but who can’t manage to muster up any anger over acts of terrorism directed at his fellow citizens. Something is seriously wrong in that mind.

    4. This is why the Youth has no interest in the Teapublican Party and why your average Bagger is about 70 years old.

    5. Why? Because Sarah Palin joked about waterboarding terrorists??? Gee I never knew they were so sensitive, what with their love of Jon Stewart and all.

      The Left has done an admirable job of turning “the Youth” into mental zombies, you’re certainly right about that. With the schools having long been controlled by the Left and the pop culture media controlled by the Left, that’s what you’d have to expect. But some of the zombies are beginning to notice the disaster that the far-left Obama administration has been, and they’re rightly worried. Food and housing costs are rising rapidly; gas has been at $3.50 - $4.00 for years now; half the country’s on welfare of one kind or another; jobs and wages are stagnant. They’ll either be on the receiving end of the welfare game, wondering how long the party will last; or they’ll be on the paying end, nurturing their resentment at the freeloaders who should be taking care of themselves. And Hillary is a leftist too, so she promises more of the same. Oh yeah, there’s the mindless seals like you who are clapping her on (“Arf! Arf! Arf!”) but more and more people are waking up, so you shouldn’t sell “the Youth” short. :)

    6. The Youth also don't appreciate Deniers' who, in the face of overwhelming scientific consensus/evidence, continue to endanger the future.

    7. #1. The “youth” are ignorant, thanks to a public school system run by liberals. Most know little to nothing about real science, which is based upon proven facts – NOT consensus (i.e. bullying). The scientific method requires that you propose a theory, then you see if reality conforms to your theory. The global warmers theorized that the seas would rise to certain levels by this time and we would see sustained higher temperatures. Neither of those expectations have proven correct, which means the theory didn’t pan out and there’s no SCIENTIFIC basis for the theory of AGW.

      #2. With respect to “endangering the future,” the economics are clear to any rational person (i.e. not you). Even liberal economists agree that proposed efforts to deal with the fantasy of “climate change” will have virtually ZERO effect on the climate in exchange for a painful effect on the economy. That’s why NOT A SINGLE U.S. senator voted for Kyoto when it was first proposed, and the appetite for it today is still even after the taxpayer funded propaganda that Americans are inundated with every day.

      Bottom line: lucky for us not everyone is a robot like you.

    8. #1. Well, you're probably a Creationist who believes dinosaurs never existed (its all a vast, liberal conspiracy) and that the Earth is 6000 years old…so your opinion on AGCC doesn't count for much!

      #2. THE…DEBATE…IS…OVER. Only Right-wing conspiracy theorists (who also believe President Obama is a Kenyan) and oil company shills are still holding out against the 99% of scientists who agree mankind is heating up the planet. We don't need Kyoto…we're not waiting for the Senate either...we're implementing change at the local levels of govt. these days--try to catch up!

      Bottom line: Demographically you Righties are screwed….not much future for the Teapublican Party since only old, dying white men fill the Party ranks--and these same white, religious, bigots scare sane people away from the Grand Old Tea-Party!

    9. Congratulations on being such a good little robot. You’re right on cue with the “denier” label, the 99% lie and “the debate is over!” rallying cry. Those are the fallback talking points for lefties who have no answer to the fact that your theories on AGW haven’t passed the test of the scientific method. But hey, science schmience, right? I know! You could just change the name of the crisis to “climate change,” and then you’re covered no matter what! Oh, that’s right. You already did. That’s what passes for scientific technique in the world of the Left.

      You and Obama can declare that the debate is over until you’re blue in the face and that won’t stop people from debating and pointing out that the science doesn’t measure up – sorry! You are being played for a fool (not exactly a difficult task I see), because while you are running around worried that the sea is going to swallow you up, Obama, Gore, Clinton and all the other leftwing elites don’t believe a word of what they’re preaching . That’s clearly evident by the fact that not a single one of them has reduced his carbon footprint at all. In fact, all of them have bigger carbon footprints today than they did when they first started screeching about AGW, so they can’t be too concerned eh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Actions speak louder than words. A LOT louder.

      If you want to act like an adult and respond to the fact that Global Warming predictions have not come to pass, defend your false claim of "99%" consensus, or respond to the fact that the liberal environmental agenda will have ZERO discernible impact on the environment even though it will cost trillions, you are welcome to do so. But if all you know how to do is parrot leftwing talking points, I think we're done here. Your feeble comments up to this point pretty much tells us all we need to know.

      Now go collect your cookie and your pat on the head for being such a good little robot. Bye!

    10. >>"...only old, dying white men fill the Party ranks-"

      BTW, I always love it when those who use the word "racist" in every other sentence show themselves for who they really are. The fact that you would think nothing of expressing such blatant racism and sexism (not to mention ageism) underscores what a phony you are.

    11. I think I'm done w/you…I have no interest in conversing w/a flat-Earther racist TBagger.

      FYI: I've registered your site as a hate/disinfo sit w/SPLC and the Justice Dept. One day in the near future people like you are gonna be shut down for spreading info which is damaging to the public.

      Have a nice day.

    12. >>”I think I'm done w/you…I have no interest in conversing w/a flat-Earther racist TBagger.”

      Oh I figured you would be done. I’ve never met a leftist yet who was up to the challenge of an honest debate. The childish name calling and standard charge of “racist” reveals your deficiency of intelligence and character.

      >>”FYI: I've registered your site as a hate/disinfo sit w/SPLC and the Justice Dept. One day in the near future people like you are gonna be shut down for spreading info which is damaging to the public.”

      LOL! So much for free speech, eh? You’ve done much more than register me with your free speech KGB. You’ve opened another window into the evil soul of liberalism, and you’ve done it with your very own words, which is far more powerful than anything I could ever write. Your brainless name-calling and laughable threats – all here for the world to see – will be an inspiration for a series of future posts to “The Unknown Liberal.” Thank you.

      >>”Have a nice day.”

      You too!