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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I Learned at the Huffington Post

Every once in a great while I’ll visit a leftwing site like the Huffington Post just to remind myself about the kind of mentality we’re up against.  I am especially curious about the Left’s perceptions of current events, and indeed what they believe current events even to be.  After a few minutes reading it is inevitably such a depressing exercise that I turn away in utter disgust, reassured in my long-held belief that we are doomed as a nation. 

The article linked to below, entitled “How America Became a Third World Country,” was featured as a front-page blog post on Huffpo the day I visited.  It gives us some interesting insight not only about what passes for intellectual discussion among the Left but also what the Left’s strategy is for redistributing blame as a century of socialist policy heads towards its inevitable conclusion:

The piece begins by describing a scene of horrific decay awaiting our country ten years from now.  The street lights will be off, the air will be brown and dirty, bridges will be collapsing left and right, the national parks will be closed.  The U.S. is going to be a real mess, apparently.   And what is the reason for our downward spiral into third-world status?  Is it because we’ve become a nation of socialists, where more and more of the trillions in tax revenues we collect every year are diverted to people who could and should be supporting themselves?  Is it because so much of the money that’s been used to support this experiment into socialism has been borrowed, and now our creditors want their money back?  No.  The reason we become a third-world state in this dark fantasy is because of the Sequester.  Yes, you read that correctly.  That tiny cut in the rate of our massive overspending – not the overspending itself - is going to lead us straight into Hell.

It’s hard to know whether the two ladies who co-authored this essay are as mentally challenged as they sound or if this is really just a clever, preemptive strategy cooked up by the Left to blame the sequester for the disaster they know is coming.  Stupid or dishonest?  That is always the question when it comes to the Left.  The entire essay is such an homage to absurdity that to critique it point by point, as I originally planned, would be like trying to edit a fifth-grader’s book report into a college thesis.  When people look at a graph of federal spending and refer to it as a “manufactured argument” for “austerity fever,” or they label sequester as the end of the world but are strangely nonchalant about Obama’s role in it or his vow to veto any attempt by congress that would let him re-direct the cuts where they would cause the least pain, it’s impossible to take them seriously.   So I’ll skip to the bottom line.

I grew up thinking, as many conservatives do, that liberals are merely stupid people who lack common sense.  But the more I watched and learned about liberalism over the years, the more I came to believe that their perfect record for being on the wrong side of everything pointed to something worse - a disease of the mind.  Liberalism, in a nutshell (pun intended) is an adult brain forever stuck on a child’s way of thinking, with the same dangerously underdeveloped sense of conscience that children often have.   Visiting Huffpo the other day it finally sunk in with me that it all goes together.  That is to say stupidity and the disease of liberalism go hand in hand.  The disease emanates from the desperate, childlike need liberals have to perpetually gratify their own egos, but you can’t be a liberal and not be stupid unless you don’t believe in a word you’re saying, in which case you’re simply a fraud.  Children, and therefore liberals, are stupid in the same sense that animals are “dumb.”  Their mental capacities are limited by their immaturity and their ignorance.  That’s the first thing I learned on my visit to the Huffington Post.

The second thing I learned is about the scheme mentioned above – the plan to hold onto power through the coming turmoil by rewriting history along with the laws of economics.   In The World According to Democrats, it is not the culture of entitlement they created, the over-spending or the printing of monopoly money that leads to economic crisis.  It’s any attempt, however small, to put the brakes on the party.  And given the liberal mentality, you can see how they arrived at that conclusion.  Hey, everything was fine in Greece until the mean old Germans imposed austerity on them, then all Hell broke loose, right?   Don’t even think about asking a liberal what led to the need for austerity. 

There is no reasoning with people who believe in a lie because they want to believe it.  That’s another thing I learned at the Huffington Post.  Where that leaves us, I’ll let you decide.

˜ CW