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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Truisms: The Case against Liberalism

I hesitate to write this post because it’s going to require that for the sake of argument I accept the premise that liberalism is a well-intentioned, idealistic ideology intent on “making the world a better place.”  Really I would just as soon slam my hand in the car door than accept such a falsehood, but for the future of the nation I will make the sacrifice. 

Now to further set the stage, let’s have a word about truisms.  I’m a big fan of true crime shows.  I’m fascinated by the ways crimes are solved and how our justice system works (or doesn’t!).  Sometimes I will imagine that I am on the jury, and I’ll weigh the evidence to decide whether or not I would convict the accused.  During this process I will look for evidence that definitively points to guilt.  These are the truisms of the criminal justice world.  If the victim’s head is found in the defendant’s refrigerator, that’s a truism that pretty much seals the deal for me. 

Certain truisms in life are like the irrefutable pieces of evidence in a trial.  No reasonable analysis can be made while ignoring them, and yet that’s precisely what liberals do every day.  They ignore basic truisms that we know to exist; truisms that, if heeded, would make liberal policies impossible to sell (hence the reason they always lie).  Here is a sample of the truisms that come to mind:

Truism #1 – The more you reward certain behaviors, the more of them you’ll get.

I’d like to see someone dispute this perfectly simple fact.  Every parent and pet owner understands it.  And yet our federal, state and local governments, guided by the hand of liberalism, can’t spend money fast enough to reward people for not working, for making bad decisions and for sneaking into this country illegally; hence the number of people doing all of those things has EXPLODED.  Creating a nation of thieves and freeloaders does not fall under the heading of “making the world a better place,” particularly when it’s hardened the hearts of normally generous Americans who usually don’t mind helping people down on their luck but who’ve grown cynical and weary from decades of seeing their tax money squandered on people gaming the system.  The truly needy are the ones who will suffer in the end, so that’s a FAIL for liberalism.

Truism #2 – There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Too bad whoever coined this phrase doesn’t get royalties on it, as it is said over and over to confront the liberal lie that stuff which comes from the government is “free.”  Liberal goodies are all paid for by somebody, of course, but apparently saying, “You’ll now get free birth control forcibly paid for by your neighbors” just doesn’t have the same cheery ring to it.  As long as the freebies have to be paid for by somebody, the bill is going to eventually come due, so promises of free lunches are harbingers of liberal FAILURE.

Truism #3 –People are not careful consumers when they’re spending other people’s money.

Anyone want to dispute this?  Would government bureaucrats be spending billions of dollars on lavish conferences, robotic squirrels, bridges to nowhere, useless studies, benefits for dead people, and of course the infamous and overpriced Obamacare website if all of it were coming out of their own pockets?  The increasingly suppressed role of the consumer in healthcare is one of the top reasons that healthcare has become so expensive in recent decades.   We don’t know or care what it costs because the insurance company is paying the bill.  So what is the liberal response to this truism?  Answer:  take more power from the consumer and give it to the government.  FAIL.

Truism #4 – The correlational relationship between supply, demand and price is a well-known fact.

If you understand why dog poop is cheaper than diamonds then you understand Economics 101, which means you have no excuse for believing the ludicrous lie that Obamacare would somehow magically reduce the cost of healthcare, given that demand would be greatly increased while supply would be stagnant at best (I’ll give the libs that generous assumption so they can stay focused on the main point here).  We’ve already begun to see the effect of liberal meddling with the insurance and healthcare industries while pretending that the truism of supply and demand does not exist, and it is an EPIC FAIL.

Truism #5 – The pursuit of self-interest is the nature of human beings.

Businesses, like any other rational consumer, strive to pay the lowest possible amount for labor and other goods needed for their operations.  They profit whenever there’s a large pool of unskilled workers competing for jobs.  This competition for low-skilled jobs and the pressure it puts on wages is the worker’s incentive to seek the education, skills or experience they need to increase the value of their labor and better satisfy their own self-interest.  As they do so, the pool of unskilled labor shrinks and businesses have to offer more to attract good people.  This natural system works well until the liberals start messing with it.  By waiving their pens and insisting that the unskilled should be paid an artificially high wage because liberals deem that they deserve it, they rob businesses of the right to pursue self-interest and they upset the natural consequence of that - a better skilled and more productive work force.  It’s a lose-lose for everyone, and a major FAIL.

Truism #6 –The law of natural consequences is necessary to a functional society.

Liberals took away the natural consequences of having children out of wedlock (i.e. stigma and poverty), and now we have an epidemic of single mothers unable to adequately support their families.  The welfare rolls and Medicaid, in particular, have skyrocketed and are part of the growing debt that threatens to destroy this country.  By legislating and continually raising the minimum wage they took away the natural consequences of failing to become a skilled worker.  Now we have people who march and scream for better wages instead of aspiring for better jobs.  By removing or softening the consequence of walking away from mortgages and credit card debt, liberals have made it harder for everyone to get a loan.  Now they want to let people pass the buck for student loans they amassed at liberal-run universities.  Without natural consequences we are a nation of irresponsible freeloaders with little consideration for anyone but ourselves.  FAIL, FAIL, FAIL and FAIL.

The thing about truisms is that you can’t escape them, even if you’re a liberal.  There is no justice, social or otherwise, when we reward people for bad behavior.  Ignoring the basic laws of economics and suppressing the natural human drive for self-interest does not result in “economic equality.”  The “liberty” and “freedom” that liberals unbelievably profess to stand for cannot exist when we amass power in the government where some take it upon themselves to “spread the wealth” earned by others. 

Based on a preponderance of the evidence presented, there is no way that liberalism, as defined by liberals, can ever do what it purports to do.  It can never be anything but doomed.