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Friday, April 21, 2017

Today’s Lesson from the Huffington Post and Politico

Apparently it comes as shocking news to the Left to be told that they don’t have the right to “protest” (defined by the Left as loudly interrupting someone else’s right to free speech) at private rallies organized for the purpose of allowing a speaker to express his opinions for those who wish to hear it.  Interfering with the rights of others to express or hear certain views is something the bullies on the Left believe is just one of their many, many entitlements.  The headline, originated at Politico and then covered on today’s front page at Huffpo, was as follows:

“Trump lawyer: ‘No right’ to protest at rallies”

If you know anything about leftwing journalism you might have guessed that this headline is just a bit off the mark.  The true essence of what Trump’s lawyers are arguing, if we’re to sum it up in one line, is that there’s no constitutionally protected right to disrupt a privately sponsored event.  But the truth never serves to advance the Left’s agenda and the sheep, after all, must be kept with the herd, so……   

Here’s the story.  Trump is being sued by a group of protesters who disrupted his private rally in Louisville, Kentucky during his presidential campaign.  They claim they were roughed up when they were forcibly removed from the venue by Trump supporters following Trump’s call to ““get 'em out of here!”  Thus their boo-boos are Trump’s fault, according to the suit, even though Trump immediately followed his instruction by saying, “Don’t hurt ‘em.”  Trump’s lawyers have responded by asserting that Trump has the First Amendment right to speak at his own rally and has no obligation to allow dissenters to have a voice in the assembly.  Furthermore, they contend, Trump was within his rights to call for the removal of the protestors and his simple instruction was not an inducement to violence, particularly since he expressly requested that they not be hurt. (and need I point out that if the disrupters had left voluntarily there would have been no need for violence?).

Makes sense to me!  The leftists want the sheep to see this as evidence that Trump and his supporters suppress free speech (fascists!), but a rational person looking at the facts would see that in reality it’s the other way around.  No one is preventing people from peacefully protesting in a public place or even in a private forum where they have permission to be.  The Trump campaign presumably paid for the use of the venue to hold their rally, which means they’re entitled to call the shots.  Nothing prevents the protestors from securing their own venue if they sincerely want to engage in freedom of expression; but of course sincerity is not a quality valued by the Left.  What they really want is to prevent Donald Trump from being heard and to force their own expressions upon Trump’s audience.  That’s how “free speech” works in the leftist world, because the true free exchange of information is the Left’s worst enemy.  And they call us the fascists.  Take a quick look at the comments at the conclusion of Huffpo’s article if you doubt my characterization of the mentality we’re dealing with. 

By the way, here is exactly what it says in Trump’s motion:

“Of course, protestors have their own First Amendment right to express dissenting views,
but they have no right to do so as part of the campaign rally of the political candidates they oppose.
Indeed, forcing the “private organizers” of a political rally to accept everyone “who wish[es] to
join in with some expressive demonstration of their own” would “violate[] the fundamental rule
of protection under the First Amendment, that a speaker has the autonomy to choose the content
of his own message.”

Oh the horror and indignation!  Next thing you know they’ll be telling the leftists they can’t burn cars or destroy other people’s property.  It’s fascism!  It’s blasphemy!  Can it be that the rest of the country still doesn’t understand that only leftists have rights, and the rules don’t apply to them?  Oh the frustration!

I don’t suppose there’s any point to mentioning the hecklers who were ejected from Hillary Clinton’s speech, or from Bill Clinton’s speech in 2008, or from Barack Obama’s speech in 2015 (all leftwingers, by the way), or asking Huffpo commenters if Obama and the Clintons are “fascists” for having the disrupters removed?  Nah, there’s no point.

The Left’s guerilla war is being waged in our courts, where they hope to be aided and abetted by officials who, ironically, are paid by the very people they are encouraged to betray.  Irony is never in short supply these days.  Quite honestly I couldn’t care less if the “protestors” were injured while being evicted from the rally they were trying to disrupt.  When you’re hurt or your rights are violated while you’re attempting to violate the rights of someone else, you’re not entitled to sympathy or recompense in my book.  Justice has already been served. 

That’s what I learned at the Huffington Post (and Politico) today, where it’s always an enlightening place to visit. 


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