Thursday, April 20, 2017

Trump and the Tax Return Demand

So Democrats want to see Donald Trump’s tax returns?  Here’s my question for Democrats:

How does it feel to want?

Because I suspect you’re about to find out.

I would like to make a formal motion that henceforth Republicans learn to flat out reject the demands of the insincere and untrustworthy (i.e. Democrats).  There is never anything to gain from trying to appease these people and there is always something to lose, which is precisely the reason for their demands.  I only wish that instead of resorting to his usual strategy – i.e. lying and obfuscating – Trump would live up to his non-PC reputation and simply declare that his tax returns are private and will remain so.  Next question?

For any liberals out there who want to feign moral indignation over Trump’s refusal to share his tax returns, my response to you is:   LOL.

LOL because you didn’t care about the thousands of emails deleted by Hillary Clinton when she was ostensibly working for us as Secretary of State.

LOL because you shrugged and said “Whatever!” when we learned that Bill Clinton had a clandestine audience with Loretta Lynch while his wife was the subject of a high profile investigation by the Justice Department.

LOL because you chuckled when the genius Barack Obama ridiculed Mitt Romney for his concerns over Russia, then kept your big mouths shut when it turned out Romney was right (as did Obama, not surprisingly).

LOL because you said nothing when Obama was caught surreptitiously whispering to Dmitry Medvedev to tell Vladimir Putin he would have “more flexibility” after his election, and now you want us to believe that you are sincerely concerned about Russian influence.

LOL because you forced a radical, leftwing, lawless president on us and the rise of Donald Trump is the consequence of that.

 You want his tax returns?  Tough luck.  How does it feel to want?


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