Sunday, November 22, 2015

If Not For Liberals

If not for liberals, Americans would not be fighting over what to do about tens of millions of illegal aliens in this country.  It is liberals who make life in America comfortable for illegals because they are the great enablers.  They enable the illegals to take advantage of free schools, free healthcare, free public assistance, unearned income tax “rebates” and other freebies at the expense of American taxpayers, because being charitable with taxpayer money proves how special and compassionate liberals are.  They enable illegals by shunning the laws and intimidating law enforcement such that illegals, who are supposedly cowering in the shadows, have no fear of publicly protesting or appearing on TV to advocate for “rights” that we never agreed to.  Everything, even our ballots, must be offered in Spanish, according to the liberals.  “But CW,” the liberals will say, “What about the employers who give them jobs?  They’re not all liberals.”  Employers contribute to the problem, no doubt; but employers want illegals because they’ll work cheap, and illegals work cheap because they are subsidized by taxpayers due to the efforts of liberals.  Take away the freebies and suddenly the illegals must make the same wages as Americans to live and take care of their families, reducing their willingness to settle for the lowest paying jobs and their attractiveness to employers.  If not for liberals the unnatural incentive to come here would not exist, we would enforce our laws and our illegal immigration problem would be easily managed.
If not for liberals college students today would not begin their adult lives saddled with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.  The vast majority of our colleges and universities are run by liberals.  Under their oversight administrative expenses have exploded as have “educator” salaries and benefits (because, after all, administrators and educators are mostly liberals).  Liberals figured out how to get “the government” (i.e. taxpayers) into the funding loop, and with an unlimited supply of funding in the form of student loans they continue to raise tuition every year and find new and creative ways to funnel money to their liberal comrades.  Just ask Hillary Clinton and other leftwing elites who command hundreds of thousands of dollars to give speeches to poor, pliable college kids where they explain to them how they are victims of the system.  They are preparing the environment for the next step of the plan in which angry students demand that their debt be transferred onto the backs of taxpayers.  Then the cycle will be complete, with the Left having near total control over the lucrative money machine we ignorantly call “education” (indoctrination would be more accurate).
If not for liberals the U.S. would not be speeding towards bankruptcy because so much of our money is spent on welfare.  This is a two-pronged enablement for which liberals deserve bonus credit.  First, by encouraging the “sexual revolution” and eliminating the stigma against unwed motherhood they enabled the disastrous explosion of single-parent households and created the conditions whereby so many are struggling to make ends meet.  They then compounded their misdeeds by throwing open the pantry and treasury doors to reward this disastrous behavior, ensuring that it will continue and grow until the money runs out and, in all likelihood, civil war ensues (Don’t believe me?  Look at the riots in Greece when they tried to make very modest “austerity” cuts).  The fact is, the money ran out long ago, and the powers that be are staving off civil war through more and more debt.  If not for liberals we could correct these mistakes, but anyone who dares to suggest that there’s anything wrong with single-parent households is immediately attacked as “mean” and “out of touch” by the liberals, and any Republican who suggests cutting back the welfare trough is fought with venom by liberal Democrats because this is the constituency that keeps them in power.
If not for liberals, we would still have high-quality, affordable healthcare in this country, because whenever there is ongoing demand for a product and no problematic obstacle to creating an adequate supply, the free market does a great job of meeting people’s needs.  But enter the liberals, and suddenly the market must contend with over-regulation, out-of-control lawsuits, unnecessary restrictions on access to insurance providers, unnecessary requirements that increase the cost of insurance, and freeloaders out the wazoo (Medicaid spending ALONE was nearly $500 BILLION dollars in 2014), all of which results in an overtaxed system that drives costs higher and higher to keep its balance, as well as a system that’s been made ripe for fraud, waste and greed.  Conservatives have long been screaming for a return to free market principles to restore the market’s natural ability to provide high quality healthcare at the best price, only to be demonized by liberals because this means their constituents will have to pay their own way.  So if you didn’t like the $36,000 bill you just got for your outpatient hernia surgery and you can’t sleep for fear of losing your insurance, thank a liberal.  Oh and don’t worry about that bill.  You only have to pay a $5,000 deductible.
If not for liberals we would be a nation united rather than a nation divided.  Liberals preach that we should “celebrate our differences,” when instead we should celebrate what we share in common.  Liberals claim to want unity, yet never miss an opportunity to turn isolated incidents of racism into an indictment of the entire white race, and they do so with the help and leadership of our current president.  Yet just as the transcendence of racism requires that we judge people as individuals, so too must we judge those who make mistakes as individuals.  When have you heard a liberal say that?  Never.  Fueling the anger and division is helpful to the advancement of liberalism; reason and perspective, not so much.
If not for liberals the world would not be in a fearful quandary over Islamic extremism right now, because liberals are the enablers of terrorists.  It’s liberals who support weak borders and tell us we must not profile, because profiling is discriminatory.  Someone needs to educate liberals on the fact that “discrimination” is not always a negative word.  Of course we should be discriminating when we try to identify the terrorists among us.  That’s instinctive.  That’s common sense.  But liberals are always telling us that we must ignore our instincts and common sense.  It’s liberals who fought on the side of Muslims when they wanted to build a giant mosque near the site of 9-11, because the more outrageous and offensive something is to average Americans the more special they believe themselves to be by supporting it, and their specialness means everything to them.  Certainly it means more than the security and prosperity of this nation.  Liberals make it impossible for societies to embrace policies of tolerance, because liberals are too special to be merely tolerant.  Only blind appeasement and irrational reverence will do for the average liberal, which is why they refuse to acknowledge the truth about Islam and they sneer and denounce Republicans who want appropriate precautions before we allow thousands of Muslim refugees into our homeland.
There is much debate these days about “existential threats,” and what poses the greatest threat to this nation.  Some say it’s ISIS.  Some say it’s Iran.  Some say it’s Russia, or North Korea or China.  Some say it’s “climate change” (LOL).  I shake my head when I hear this talk, because the biggest threat we face, bar none, is the mental disease known as liberalism.  Liberalism is the enemy within – the great enabler – and it lives safe among us, protected by the very system that it seeks to destroy.