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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Dear Limousine Liberals: Here’s Why Your Hypocrisy Matters

It seems the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, aka Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, are catching heat from some in the British press for their self-indulgent travel habits, and some of their celebrity friends are annoyed with the criticism of their royal pals.

Meghan and Harry – like so many liberal celebrities – are using their celebrity privilege (kind of like “white privilege,” except it’s a real thing) to speak out against the purported dangers of human-induced climate change, even as they trot around the globe in the most luxurious style to indulge their own whims and pleasure.   An article in Fox News last month cited the following:

“[The Duke and Duchess] reportedly flew from Farnborough, U.K., to Ibiza, Spain, on Aug. 6, then back on Aug. 12.  On Aug. 14, they flew from Farnborough to Nice, France, to visit Elton John, then back to Farnborough on Aug. 17.  The couple is believed to have taken a Gulfstream 200, which seats 19 people, to Ibiza from Farnborough, and a Cessna 500 XL, which seats nine, on their return trip.”

Apparently some in the British press don’t understand that Harry and Meghan are special people who have important things to do, unlike the rest of us commoners.  Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter to scold the critics for pointing out the pair’s hypocrisy.  Harry and Meghan “…just want to make the world better,” DeGeneres admonished.  She knows this because she and her wife recently flew to England to meet with the royals so that the two couples could congratulate themselves on their shared passion for the environment. 

Elton John also chimed in to rebuke the British press:

“After a hectic year continuing their hard work and dedication to charity, David and I wanted the young family to have a private holiday inside the safety and tranquility of our home.  To maintain a high level of much-needed protection, we provided them with a private jet flight. To support Prince Harry’s commitment to the environment, we ensured their flight was carbon neutral, by making the appropriate contribution to Carbon Footprint.  I highly respect and applaud both Harry and Meghan’s commitment to charity and I’m calling on the press to cease these relentless and untrue assassinations on their character…”

You see?  Harry and Meghan deserve to waste fossil fuels – as all leftist celebrities do, apparently – because Harry and Meghan behave in a manner that is approved by the leftist elite.  They espouse all of the correct opinions.  They associate with all the right people (or should I say, the Left people?)  They are in the club.  The media is supposed to keep quiet about their hypocrisy, just as they kept quiet when  Barack ‘the science is settled’ Obama and his Mrs. purchased yet another mansion, this time in Martha’s vineyard.  It will be a relaxing place for him to ponder the question, “At what point will I have made enough money?” while he is busy wheeling and dealing to amass his post-presidency riches and conspiring with his minions to further undermine our republic.

Don’t let my attempt at lighthearted satire fool you.  I am filled with deep-seated rage at the elitist Left who think they are too special to live by the same conditions they want to impose upon the rest of us, while they bask in a faux sense of sainthood because they care so much more about the environment than we do.  It is imperative that we – the commoners – make it abundantly clear that we won’t stand for it.  We will not live by one set of rules while the Left reserves a different set of rules for themselves, therefore I hereby declare the following:

If satisfying an important personal desire is a good enough reason for the elites to ignore their impact on the environment, then my personal goals and desires are good enough reason for me to do so as well.  If the desire to maximize their comfort, safety or security is sufficient reason for the elites to set aside their worries over the environment, then my own desire to maximize my comfort, safety or security is sufficient reason as well.  If the elites believe they are entitled to enjoy the wonders of this Earth to whatever extent their pocketbooks will allow, then I am entitled to do the same.  And let me be very clear on this:  the elitist’s notion of creating a market of “carbon offsets” so that they can get around the rules that they want to impose upon the rest of us is pure bullshit.

The elitists are trying their best to fulfill the dark prophecy depicted by George Orwell in his widely-read but sadly forgotten classic novel, Animal Farm: 

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

This is why your hypocrisy matters, and it’s why we won’t let you get away with it.


Monday, August 12, 2019

In El Paso, Democrats Show Us How Low They Can Go

“Saying that President Trump has ‘fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation,’ Democratic presidential primary front-runner Joe Biden on Wednesday will directly link the president to the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.”  ~Fox News, August 7, 2019

Long ago I concluded that the lowest form of criminal is the person who tries to pin his crime on another innocent person.  A lot of people are capable of doing the wrong thing, but it takes a special kind of corruption – a person devoid of conscience – to watch innocent people suffer for your own crimes.  That’s what’s on my mind with respect to the mass killings that took place in El Paso last week, and the Left’s mad rush to try and direct blame onto Donald Trump. 

Democrats say it was Trump’s anti-illegal immigrant rhetoric that stirred the El Paso shooter’s anger towards illegal immigrants (actually if democrats were telling this story they would have deceitfully left out the word “illegal,” but for the sake of brevity we’ll have to ignore their duplicity for a moment).  What they’ve argued, in a nutshell, is that anger inspired the shooter’s actions, therefore whoever inspired that anger is to blame for his crimes.  I wonder if the finger-pointers would stand by their self-serving logic after I’ve adeptly explained why it is they, not Trump, who are responsible for the rage that the shooter was feeling.

a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs
     ~Merriam-Webster Dictionary

First, let’s understand something about the relationship between anger and frustration.  Frustration, “a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs,” leads to anger.  Consider the example of the child who is treated differently from a favored sibling, i.e., held to a higher standard of behavior, punished for behaviors that the favored child is allowed to get away with, deprived of nice things that are offered to the favored child.  Imagine that child’s frustration due to his impotence over his situation.  What kind of feelings do you suppose this engenders in the mistreated child towards the favored sibling?  One would imagine that he must harbor great resentment, especially if the favored child wallows in the favoritism and is indifferent to his sibling’s pain.  Who is ultimately responsible for the child’s frustration and anger?  “The parents” is the logical answer.  They are the ones who have created this sick situation over which the child has no control, and that responsibility doesn’t shift if an outside observer points out to the mistreated child that he has every reason to be angry.

Now let’s look at who is responsible for the sick situation of illegal immigration in this nation that has frustrated most Americans.

The ILLEGAL immigration problem in this country has been continuously worsening since after WWII, when labor shortages (real or perceived) led millions of Mexican workers to come to the U.S., some illegally and some on temporary work permits.  When the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was passed and led to a wave of legal immigration as well as a huge shift in the origins of immigrants, the U.S. put a halt to the temporary worker permits for Mexican laborers, but migrants in search of work continued to come illegally.  We all know that the growing problem of illegal immigration ultimately led to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 under which Ronald Reagan, in a deal with the devil (Ted Kennedy) infamously granted amnesty for nearly three million illegal immigrants.  Thus began the age of the Left’s recognition of the value of immigration as a political weapon and as a source of division among Americans that proved helpful to Team Democrat.  The power to frustrate conservatives is an intoxicating drug to the Left; consequently, in the pursuant years they have added fuel to our frustration by heaping one reward after another onto those who trespass here.  We are forced by law to educate the children of those who trespass here illegally, and the doors of our hospitals must be opened to illegals, regardless of how it increases the cost – or the wait – for those of us who pay the bills; if illegals commit crimes or their children become gang members who threaten the safety of Americans, that’s too bad.  

Press one for English…..

Then came the Left’s typical sly strategy of linguistic slight-of-hand.  The illegals have become the “undocumented.”  This is supposed to make us forget that we are talking about criminals - people who disrespect our sovereignty, ignore our laws and take advantage of us.  And because the Left is enjoying our frustration so much, they will show us who’s boss by declaring our cities to be places of “sanctuary” for illegals, reject any attempt to secure our borders, give driver’s licenses to illegals, allow illegals to vote in our elections, denounce the men and women who enforce our borders, and suggest that illegals, too, will get “free” healthcare under their socialist schemes.  Though we have been told for more than a decade that the illegal population here is “11 million,” a joint study last year by researchers at Yale and MIT estimated the actual figure to likely be in excess of 22 million, or almost twice what the MSM has been deceitfully reporting for more than a decade; yet we cannot ascertain what the truth is because leftist groups like the ACLU, using our own courts against us, won’t allow it.

Yet it is Donald Trump, we are told, who is to blame for the anger that ravaged El Paso, because Trump dared to object out loud to what has happened in this country.  If the source of the shooter’s anger is to blame for his heinous act, then I’ll let you be the judge of who has created the conditions for that anger.


Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The One Critical Debate Question No One Ever Asks

Every debate moderator:   “How do you plan to pay for your [socialist] proposals?”

In 2019, this is what passes for a hard-hitting question in political debates, and it reveals a dangerous transformation that the Left has successfully engineered in the American mindset.  200…150…100, maybe even 50 years ago, the real question would have been:

“What gives you the right to propose such things?”

And it would have – should have – been asked with an attitude of righteous indignation if not unabashed outrage. 

Not anymore.  Now that the Left has trained us, like robotic serfs, to think the way they would like us to think, we no longer question whether the elected “representatives” controlling the reins of government have the right to do the things they do, or to take the things they take.  It’s now just a matter of whether we can “afford” it and - trust me – the so-called “progressives” will always determine that their socialist schemes are affordable.  One way or another. 

This was never what the Founders intended, nor is it constitutional by any stretch of the imagination.  How is my welfare served when, after paying for my own college and helping my children with theirs, I am now forced to pay for the college of strangers?  If the leftist answer is that an educated populace is good for us all, then my response is that the societal benefit isn’t lessened when people pay their own way.  Turning us into a nation of thieves who think nothing of stealing from our fellow citizens does not improve the “general welfare.”  The same reasoning applies to the rest of the long list of “free” stuff proposed by the leftists who, for their own nefarious reasons, are obsessed with controlling our money. 

But because Republicans do not have the good sense to stand up and talk about rights, we are reduced to the useless job of arguing over how things are “paid for,” which means we’ve already lost.  The only questions now are when and how much?  (And the respective answers are:  Sooner than you think; and:  As much as they can get).    So I will repeat my favorite joke (yes, AGAIN) as an added way of shedding light for those who still don’t get it:

A man asks a woman if she will have sex with him for a million dollars.  The woman mulls this over for a minute and ultimately decides that she just can’t pass up that much money, so she tells him, “Okay.  I will.”  Then the man asks her if she will have sex with him for 50 bucks, to which the outraged woman angrily responds, “What kind of a woman do you think I am?!” 

The man says, “We’ve already established what kind of woman you are.  Now we’re just arguing over the price.”

By tempting us with “free” stuff at the expense of others, the Left has succeeded in turning Americans into whores and thieves.  Too many Americans no longer see ourselves as the rightful owners of our own money or of the labor we expend to produce that money.  We have stopped defending our rights, and we now just quibble over the price for our slavery. 

That’s the sad reality of America in 2019.


Friday, July 26, 2019

What is “Justice?”

The long awaited Mueller hearings this week revealed Democrats’ strategy for setting up a case to impeach Donald Trump based upon the crime of “obstruction of justice.”  Clearly they put their little heads together and plotted and planned their attack, citing damning details from the Mueller Report in carefully choreographed coordination and projecting their poster boards for the TV cameras so as to make the most powerful imprint upon impressionable Americans who tuned in for the show.  Not surprisingly the obstruction-obsessed Democrats didn’t bother to concern themselves with the second half of the equation:  Justice.  

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “justice” in multiple ways:

“…the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments…the administration of law…the quality of being just, impartial, or fair…the principle or ideal of just dealing or right action…conformity to this principle or ideal : RIGHTEOUSNESS…the quality of conforming to law…conformity to truth, fact, or reason : CORRECTNESS.”

Anyone who rooted for Harrison Ford’s character in the great movie, The Fugitive, understands a little something about the true meaning of justice.  Harris’ character was wrongly accused and convicted of murdering his wife.  When he fortuitously gets a chance to escape, he takes it, and then he sets about trying to evade the clutches of “justice” while he embarks on a mission to find the real killer.  And since this is the movies, Harrison does indeed discover and expose the real killer, and to the great satisfaction of the audience his exoneration and freedom are assumed.  But again, this is the movies, where people appreciate and understand justice because there is nothing at stake for them. 

Back to real life and the sad realities of human nature.  While Democrats were rabidly focused on obstruction, none of them seemed the least bit concerned or curious as to whether justice had been properly pursued.  While Republicans commendably pelted Robert Mueller with great questions about the nefarious origins of the investigation and the undeniably biased team that he assembled in pursuit of “justice,” Democrats were true to form in their absence of curiosity about those pesky details.  Nor did they share Republicans’ justified outrage at Mueller’s invention of the “not exonerated” standard that flies in the face of the American system of justice under which people are presumed innocent unless proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent as Mueller cunningly implied.  Only one side seemed interested in establishing whether or not the “justice” side of the equation had been satisfied, and it wasn’t the Democrats; yet without justice there can be no obstruction of justice.  I challenge anyone to argue otherwise. 

Democrats around the blogosphere are angrily demanding to know why Trump supporters aren’t outraged by the efforts of Trump et al to impede or stop the Mueller investigation.  I would suggest that they watch one of those great old movies where an innocent person is being railroaded by corrupt people in the system:  the lazy sheriff, the lying witnesses, the prosecutor who just wants another notch on his belt and the judge who’s on the take.  When you find yourself pulling for the innocent person doing whatever he can to fight the “justice” system, maybe then you’ll understand. 


Monday, July 1, 2019

Stephanie Wilkinson, the Hateful Hen

And now for today's lesson in propaganda and brainwashing....

The mean, intolerant, conscience-challenged and philosophically-confused co-owner of the sad little restaurant that earned its notoriety for refusing to serve White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders and her family has penned an especially nasty op-ed that the editors of the Washington Post, true to their leftist ideologies, found worthy of printing.  I would provide a link to the op-ed but apparently I have to subscribe to the WP, and I would sooner give my money to a drug addict than support leftist propaganda, so I’ll stick to what was reported in Fox News.

Per Fox:

“….Stephanie Wilkinson…wrote that ‘no one in the industry condones the physical assault of a patron’ before going on to argue that businesses are also expected to adhere to a ‘code of ethics.’

 ‘The once-ubiquitous idea that companies exist purely and solely to provide profit to shareholders is withering away like corn husks in the summer sun,’ she wrote, calling the new standard, ‘All are welcome. Terms and conditions apply.’

 Wilkinson also pointed to several other examples of Trump officials or Republicans meeting resistance while dining out, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and White House adviser Stephen Miller.  Wilkinson [who hereinafter shall be referred to as the Hateful Hen] said restaurant workers cannot be expected to ‘clock out of their consciences when they clock in to work.’

 ‘The high-profile clashes rarely involve one citizen fussing at another over the entrees. It’s more often a frustrated person (some of whom are restaurant employees) lashing out at the representatives of an administration that has made its name trashing norms and breaking backs. Not surprising, if you think about it: You can’t call people your enemies by day and expect hospitality from them in the evening,’ she wrote.

 ‘So when the day comes that the world feels returned to its normal axis, I expect we’ll see fewer highly charged encounters making headlines. In the meantime, the new rules apply. If you’re directly complicit in spreading hate or perpetuating suffering, maybe you should consider dining at home.’”

Not having read the original op-ed myself I am going to go out on a limb and predict that the Hateful Hen didn’t bother to provide any substance to the charge that conservatives “spread hate and perpetuate suffering;” and of course neither the leftists who manage the WP nor the sheep who bleat along in ignorant agreement will question the absence of evidence in support of these damning charges that supposedly justify the vicious discrimination of conservatives.  This is the new standard we are expected to live with, and to which I say in response:  F- that.

As I have previously noted, this latest leap in which the Left uses their irrational fantasies to justify their thuggery is simply this:  a manifestation of their contempt for their fellow citizens and a rejection of a system of government that gives anyone but them the right to decide how things will be.  “Hate” is a conveniently subjective term that the Left has latched onto for this very reason.  They can define it any way they want….any way that justifies their egregious and tyrannical behavior.  The bottom line is this:  they want power and control and they want it now.  They don’t recognize any opposition as legitimate – the Constitution be damned – and if they have to destroy the very essence of America’s soul to get what they want then by God that is what they will do.  The mentality is genuinely dangerous.

The great irony is that if anyone is justified in being angry and intolerant it is conservatives like my friends and I who are forced to watch in outrage while leftist Democrats stand at their podiums and arrogantly presume the right to use the power of our own government to steal from us in order to provide “free” handouts for everything and anything in exchange for votes, pitting one American against another, with no fear of the kind of retribution the Hateful Hen encourages against conservatives.  We are expected to be respectful while they pander to freeloaders and trespassers, using our money and risking our security. 

If anyone should be chased out of restaurants and the public arena, Ms. Hateful Hen, it’s you and your kind. 

I, for one, am hoping that day comes soon.


Friday, June 21, 2019

I Just Wanna Say.......

I’m short on time today but I just want to comment on how rich it is to see people like wealthy actor Danny Glover and her highness Sheila Jackson Lee demanding reparations because America’s past history of slavery has robbed them of the chance for success in life. 

Yes, it’s really sad that Glover and Jackson Lee couldn’t make anything of their lives…….

That’s all.


This post is re-published on the blog-side, The Pesky Truth.