Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hilary Shor: This is Who the Left REALLY is

Liberals are the nicest, most non-bullying people.  That’s the reason they so despise Republicans, who are “mean-spirited” and “hateful,” as we are reminded on an almost daily basis (just in case the absence of any actual hate or mean-spiritedness causes people to forget what they’ve been programmed to believe).   As one who has long resented this charade it always gives me great pleasure to share the stories of liberals showing the world who they really are, thus I give you Hilary Shor.  Shor, apparently, is a movie producer who was vacationing in Cabo San Lucas with singer/actress Katherine McPhee when the two either accidentally (according to the story) or intentionally (according to my gut) crashed a wedding.  The bride, it seems, did not take kindly to the crashing of her special day and kicked them out.  Here’s how things went from there, according to this story at “Page Six:”

Shor posted their snarky commentary about the incident in a series of publicly available Instagram stories on her feed, calling the poor bride who denied them entry to her nuptials a “loser.”

 One video seen by Page Six and captioned “Bride Bitch” shows McPhee in her room snottily noting, “What bride does her own wedding security? If you’re doing your own security, you have a problem.”

 A second clip’s titled “dead bride #rude bride,” and a third’s called “loser bride bouncer” — in which Shor quips to McPhee off-camera, “She could have had a Page Six, New York Post [article] of us coming and dancing the night away . . . By the way, I was ready to rock ’n’ roll.”

 McPhee is shown in bed giggling and chiming in: “I was ready to show some serious moves.”  McPhee also says in a video on the vacation: “Hi everyone, it’s late-night shenanigans.”

 Shor also posted captions of their wedding crash fail: “That bride voted for Trump I can feel it,” and “Rise above the rude bride. She should be so lucky to dance with me, I got moves.”

Yes, it’s hard to understand why this ungrateful bride wouldn’t want such gracious ladies crashing her wedding party.

The snarky Trump comment takes away any question as to which way Ms. Shor leans politically, so now the only question is this:

What kind of a woman thinks it’s okay to crash another woman’s wedding party and then gets so vicious when she isn’t allowed to?

Maybe since marriage means so little to liberals it wouldn’t occur to someone like Shor that this day and this party was special to that bride, and she wanted to share it with friends and family, not with arrogant strangers who feel entitled to crash other people’s special events.  Whatever her reasons, she doesn’t owe Shor or McPhee an explanation.  And how did this lovely leftist from the Party of Women treat a sister on her wedding day?  She used her high profile social media account to publically bully her, calling her “rude, bitch,” and “dead,” whatever that means.  Nice.   Move over Ashley Judd and Elizabeth Warren.  Here are some more “nasty women” for your club.

I have long made the case that liberals are merely children in adult bodies, and Ms. Shor is the living proof of it.  She acts like a spoiled brat who has no clue why she shouldn’t be allowed to crash a stranger’s wedding if she wants to amuse herself, even though both she and McPhee probably wouldn’t tolerate strangers crashing their weddings.

Maybe we should start a “#Me too” campaign for victims of liberal bullies.

Stayed tuned for the next episode of “This is Who the Left REALLY is…”



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Friday, December 8, 2017

Sanctuary City D.A. Scolds Trump: “We are a Nation of Laws.”

You cannot make this stuff up.

In response to Donald Trump’s calling the acquittal of Kate Steinle’s killer “disgraceful,” the District Attorney for San Francisco proclaimed in a press conference:

“It’s important for the president of the U.S. to remember this is a nation of laws.  We respect the legal process even when the outcome is one that we may not be happy with.”

Does the dear district attorney need to be reminded of what city he’s standing in???  Should we ask Chevy Chase to come out of retirement from SNL and tap him on the shoulder and whisper, “San Francisco ignores federal laws on immigration.”  If that happened would the lightbulb even turn on???

Forgive my abuse of the question marks here but I sometimes cannot come to grips with how stupidly oblivious the leftists are to their own hypocrisy.

I feel sorry for the writers at The Onion.  In a world with people like George Gascon and cities like San Francisco reality and satire are indistinguishable.


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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

On Roy Moore Question, Trump Hits a Homerun

If off-the-cuff remarks were described in baseball terms, it would be fair to say Donald Trump hits a lot of foul balls.  But today Trump hit a homerun as far as this conservative blogger is concerned when he gave this response to shouts from reporters about the Roy Moore allegations:  “We don’t want to have a liberal Democrat in Alabama.”

Here’s why I love it:  because it’s the truth.

How refreshing to hear someone on the political front forego the usual made-up excuses and half-truths and bluntly speak the truth about their reasons to stand behind a candidate.  Let’s cut the bull and go straight to the heart of this debate.  And the best part is that it gives voters something very serious and relevant to think about and base their decision on, because a candidate’s political ideology will have far greater consequence to their lives as citizens of this country than Roy Moore’s alleged attraction to teenage girls forty years ago.

“We don’t want to have a liberal Democrat in Alabama.”

Damn straight, President Trump.  We don’t want them in Texas either.

If Alabamans agree, let’s hope they send that message loud and clear at the ballot box.


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Monday, December 4, 2017

Rose McGowan Burped

It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Democrats and their enablers in the media and in Hollywood et al were not supposed to be caught up in the sexual harassment dragnet.  These were elite members of The Club and they were supposed to have immunity from their misdeeds.  That was the unspoken deal that first took root in the 60’s and 70’s when the Sexual Revolution emerged, coincidentally timed, mind you, with the women’s rights movement.  Leftist males, clever as they are, quickly realized that there was both a political and personal advantage to treating women as a special interest group and championing “the cause.”

When the movement got around to going after sexual harassers, it was all good to start with, because the targets were Republicans.  Club members feigned righteous indignation on behalf of the women who testified against Clarence Thomas and nearly derailed the conservative justice’s appointment to the Supreme Court (damn!…so close), as well as for the women who testified against Republican Senator Bob Packwood, who was successfully (Victory!) forced to resign his seat.  (Side note:  The leftwing Washington Post delayed publication of the Packwood allegations until after he was elected whereupon, following his resignation, his seat went to a Democrat in a special election.  Sound familiar anyone?).

The unspoken pact was put to the test during the Bill Clinton era, when the moment came where women had to choose between standing by their sisters in the fight against sexual harassment or siding with their benefactors who pulled the political strings in their favor.  We all know what happened there, don’t we?  And when it was tested again during the campaign of “bimbo”- suppressor Hillary Clinton, the pact was reaffirmed yet again.  Leftist males were starting to believe they were invincible, especially when psuedo “conservative” powerhouse Bill O’Reilly and Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes were both forced out at Fox News over sexual harassment allegations.

So what happened?  How did big donor Harvey Weinstein, media icons Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose, Senator Al Franken, celebrity Garrison Keiller, and other elite members of The Club suddenly get caught up in the sexual harassment trap even after paying their Club dues?  Watching them fall in quick succession I was reminded of the great children’s story, Yertle the Turtle, by Dr. Suess.  It tells the tale of a selfish, power-obsessed turtle, King Yertle, who forces his subject turtles to climb up upon each other’s backs so that he can sit on top and survey his self-designated kingdom.  As Yertle orders his thousands of turtles to climb on the stack, the bottom turtle – a powerless, inconsequential fellow named Mack – complains of his discomfort to no avail.  Finally, he decides enough is enough, and he does one simple thing that brings the whole turtle throne and the arrogant King Yertle crashing down:  he burps.

I’m not sure if it was Rose McGowan or someone else who finally burped, but whoever it was shook enough turtles out of their complacent silence to send a flurry of the Left’s elite club members crashing unceremoniously to the ground.   Why now?  Because the pact was starting to come apart.  Most of these women are younger and hence were not around when the pact was first formed.  They see no reason that they should trade their silence – and sacrifice their bodies – for political privileges that now seem to be the status quo, and this includes women not just in Hollywood but in the media and in the offices of elected officials as well, which is why the pact is fracturing.

That’s what I think happened, but as much as I am enjoying seeing members of The Club turn on their own, I think there are serious battles ahead with respect to the politics of sexual harassment.  The Left cannot be allowed to use their newly discovered principles on sexual harassment as a cover for past sins.  For the moment, however, as far as I am concerned Rose McGowan – or whoever it was that burped – is excused!


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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Trump's Dumb Twitter War

That’s the headline at FoxNews.com this morning, and I’m sure it’s making the rounds at every news station.  Is it helpful to Donald Trump and his ambitious agenda for this to be the story that greets people when they turn on the news?

LaVar Ball is an ungrateful moron who didn’t instill good values in his son, but Donald Trump is doing himself no favors in this particular Twitter war.  As someone who voted for Trump and is willing to give him his due when he does the right thing, I find his reaction to Ball’s idiocy to be childish and revealing – yet again – of a giant ego problem.

Trump had banked some credit as a statesman by using his clout to obtain the release of the three shoplifting basketball players (a questionable use of presidential capital, if you ask me) but then immediately erased that credit by engaging in a public exchange that clearly exposed his intervention as a gratuitous act meant to bolster his own image.  That’s the only conclusion I can reach when, miffed by a father’s ingratitude, he tweets that he should have left all three to their fate in China.  In other words, freeing the boys/men from their harsh fate in China wasn’t worth it if Trump doesn’t get his due in adulation and respect.  That’s not how it’s supposed to work, especially when the individuals who were released were appropriately grateful and respectful, at least in public.  And today he made things worse by appearing to insult supporter Don King in his haste to retaliate against Ball.

The bigger problem with this kind of feud is that it reveals the real Donald Trump for who he is:  small, ego-driven and easily moved off track.  I might have made the same mistakes too – when I was 25.  By Trump’s age I would hope to know better.  It seems that there is a straight line from Trump’s ego to his brain:  whenever the ego takes a hit, so does his I.Q.  These aren’t qualities we generally like to see in a POTUS, and it leads me to question his sincerity on any number of what, on the surface, appear to be heartfelt gestures.  I’m guessing I’m not alone.

For those who disagree, please consider how differently things would look right now if Trump had just shown a bit of discipline and responded differently to the ungrateful moron, LaVar Ball.  If he would have ignored him or tweeted something such as:  “@LaVar Ball:   You’re welcome,” and then let it go, how much bigger the man would Trump have appeared to be?  For someone who so desperately wants respect, he keeps shooting himself in the foot.  A truly great man doesn’t let fools rattle him, at least not publically.  Not good.  Not smart.


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Monday, October 30, 2017

In the Age of Fake Everything: What IS and ISN’T “Racist”

Now and then we see documentaries showing the brainwashing that takes place in politically isolated nations, and we shake our heads at the peoples’ ignorance and childlike gullibility.  But here in the U.S. much of the same thing is going on, except without the benefit of dictatorship or state control, and that makes it worse.  While it’s sometimes hard to discern whether people truly believe the lies and myths that are fed to them or whether they’re just playing along with the game for some common objective, we seem to be in the midst of an epidemic of misunderstanding what it means to be a “racist.”  So I thought this might be a good time to do a bit of UN-brainwashing and straight forward clarification.  Here it is:

What IS racist:

·         “Black Lives Matter” is racist – because they reject the inclusive label, “All Lives Matter”
·         Making assumptions about race, good or bad, that have no basis in reality, is racist
·         Restricting what truths someone is allowed speak just because they’re white is racist
·         Using skin color as the sole or primary qualification when voting for a candidate is racist
·         Assuming, as a matter of public policy, that race should be a factor when qualifying for public assistance is racist
·         For a U.S. President to suggest that it was germane to the pursuit of justice that if he had had a son, that son would have looked like Trayvon Martin (and not like George Zimmerman) is racist
·         Suggesting that an entire race of people is “privileged” based solely upon their skin color, irrespective of any and all evidence to the contrary, is racist
·         Assuming that a white cop cannot be objective when dealing with black citizens is racist
·         Painting any race – black, brown or white – with the same broad brush is racist
·         Making race a factor – positively or negatively – in selecting job or university applicants is racist

What ISN’T racist:

·         Truth: No matter how uncomfortable it is to hear it, the truth is never racist
·         Criticizing someone of a different race is not racist
·         Racial disparities in higher education, occupations or income when there are also disparities in cultural attitudes on education, aptitudes, high school graduation rates, I.Q., life choices, career choices and work history is not racist
·         Profiling for criminal behavior based upon actual criminal statistics and local experience is not racist
·         Following your natural instincts for self-protection based upon your experiences or knowledge of history and/or statistics is not racist; i.e., if a black man walking down the street sees what looks like a group of white skinheads coming his way, he would be acting wisely based upon knowledge – not racism – to quickly change his route.
·         Bank credit policies that favor credit-worthy borrowers are not racist
·         Immigration policies that favor unique and desirable work skills are not racist
·         U.S. border policies that prevent illegal entry are not racist
·         U.S. travel policies that protect U.S. citizens and U.S. interests from terrorist activities and other dangers are not racist
·         Describing a black person as “black” or a Hispanic person as “Hispanic” is not racist
·         Disagreeing with the Left on “climate change,” abortion, drug policy, foreign policy, the Second Amendment, healthcare, taxes or anything else of national concern is not racist
·         The state of being white does not make you a racist

I will not be one of those people who sits quietly by as terms like “racist” are transformed from useful components of our language to weapons for the benefit of the Left.  How about you?


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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Here’s how I Know Bowe Bergdahl is a Democrat

"At least the Taliban were honest enough to say, ‘I’m the guy who’s gonna cut your throat.’  Here, it could be the guy I pass in the corridor who’s going to sign the paper that sends me away for life.  We may as well go back to kangaroo courts and lynch mobs."
~Bowe Bergdahl, in an interview with the British paper The Sunday Times

Those three short sentences are a dead giveaway to the psychological mindset and, hence, the politics of Bowe Bergdahl.  Let’s review:

#1.  He’s a whiner.

I don’t know about you guys, but if I were the guy who’s claim to fame was as a deserter whose ill-conceived desertion led to a perilous and tragic rescue mission for my co-workers as well as the release of five enemy-combatants to get my sorry butt back, I’d shut the hell up.

#2.  A Democrat’s poop never smells.

Berdahl whines, “…it could be the guy I pass in the corridor who’s going to sign the paper that sends me away for life.”

Little did Bergdahl’s fellow troops know, when they passed him in the barracks at their station in Afghanistan, that he would be the guy whose actions would equate to signing some of their death warrants.  That little irony seems to have escaped the notice of little Bowe.

#3.  He takes no responsibility for his own actions.

Hillary lies and fails to inspire, then blames the Russians and the Republicans for her failures.  Bergdahl deserts, then blames “the guy in the corrider” for his troubles.

Neither “the guy in the corridor” nor the paper he signed is what sent you away for life, Mr. Bergdahl.  YOU sent yourself away for life.  No one else is responsible for that.  (Are you listening, Hillary?)

#4.  He plays fast and loose with the meaning of words.

Only a leftwing Democrat would have the absence of conscience to abuse the terms “kangaroo courts” and “lynch mobs” to inaptly – but grossly self-servingly – describe Bergdahl’s situation.  There are no phony charges here or pretense at following regular order.  No unauthorized persons are dragging you from your home in the dead of night to mete out some twisted form of vigilante justice.  Impressionable young minds who hear your words will form a dangerously inaccurate picture of what these terms mean, and that hurts us all.  It is the true mark of a leftist that you just don’t care.  No cost – paid by others – is too great a sacrifice if a leftist feels better in the end.

#5.  He’s the victim.

Never mind the soldiers who were injured or killed looking for a sorry deserter.  Never mind the taxpayers who are footing the bill for all of the expenses – and there will be lots – related to his ill-fated actions.  Never mind the innocents who are now at risk because five Gitmo detainees are now free.  Bowe Bergdahl is the victim here. 

This person has shown an absence of comprehension and remorse that justifies the harshest punishment, in my opinion.  I hope the judge takes Bergdahl’s attitude into account when deciding his fate, and I hope the judge chooses just the right words to help the world, and impressionable, young Americans in particular, fully understand how seriously wrong this deserter was in what he chose to do. 


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