Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Breaking News: Turnip Enters Race for Democrat Nomination in 2020!

~This report brought to you by Pesky Truth reporter, CW.

In a history-making move, a turnip has just become the 23rd Democratic presidential hopeful, announcing his/her decision today to join the vast field of 2020 candidates vying for voters’ attention.  The turnip, who goes by the name “Turnip,” was born and raised on a farm in rural Wisconsin and promises to bring a unique perspective to the race according to campaign staffers who interpret for the voiceless candidate but who prefer to remain anonymous.  According to our investigative sources, the turnip’s campaign is being heavily funded by a mysterious non-profit, Root Vegetables for Democracy, which in turn is overseen by The Society of Open Vegetables, a subsidiary of the The Voice of Vegetables Project, which is said to be quietly funded by a Hungarian-born billionaire.

Within just hours of its announcement, the campaign had sold millions of “Turnip for 2020” t-shirts and without uttering a single word the turnip had surpassed 21 of the previously declared candidates to become second only to candidate Joe Biden.  Experts say that Biden will have his work cut out for him to match the excitement that Turnip brings to the campaign and to stay ahead of Turnip as campaign donations are flooding in at a record pace.  Many Democrats, it seems, are anxious to be part of the Turnip revolution.

Naturally this leads to questions and concerns as to how the turnip might fare against Donald Trump.  Not to worry, say the experts!  “It’s all in the marketing,” insists a top Democrat strategist.  “You cannot overstate the ease with which Democrat voters love to idolize anything seen as kind of being, well…out there, even if the leadership skills are questionable.  While other voters might dismiss a mindless vegetable out of hand, Democrats believe their tolerance for diversity demonstrates how much more open-minded they are, so I think the turnip has a respectable shot.”

Are Democrats worried about what the future looks like with a turnip in charge?  “No!” is the resounding answer, as the crowd begins to chant, “Turnips are people too!”

Hope and change is alive and well in the Democrat Party.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

You Might Be a “Progressive” If…………………….

·         You’re ignoring the chaos and suffering in Venezuela while cheering for the rise of socialism in America.
·         You’re breathlessly waiting to find out who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorses for 2020.
·         You think “progress” is the “Green New Deal” and going back to the days before airplanes.
·         You put off working for five years and racked up $100,000 in student loan debt to get a useless degree in women’s studies, and now you want your hard-working, taxpaying neighbors to be saddled with your debt.
·         You work part-time at Taco Bell but you’re demanding to be paid enough to comfortably support a family of four.
·         You support the “resistance” against Trump’s efforts for border security because you’re a wealthy lawyer who lives in a gated community, so your job and security aren’t at risk.
·         You declare from inside your gated community, “Walls don’t work!”
·         You’re not alarmed about the dangers of a deep state because the deep state serves your interests today.
·         You want to go on a “sex-strike” to punish states that limit abortion, but you won’t curtail sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
·         You think taking away Americans’ constitutional rights to self-defense via gun ownership is a good way to protect us from bad people.
·         Your entire philosophy with respect to Israel and the Palestinians is based upon ignorance of history and one-sided media reporting.
·         You angrily rail about “climate deniers” from your vacation home (which you traveled to by private car or jet).
·          25 years after-the-fact you’re finally ready to acknowledge who Bill Clinton really is.
·         You still won’t acknowledge who Hillary Clinton really is.  
·         You are outraged about Trump’s “lies,” but you weren’t bothered in the least when Barack Obama forced Obamacare on 330 million Americans based on lies.
·         You won’t admit that you don’t want America to be great again because it makes “progressives” irrelevant, so instead you pretend to be outraged about Russia.
·         You want to be protected by the Constitution even as you seek to destroy it.
·         You denounce racism and “old, white men” in the same breath.
·         You suffer from self-loathing because of your “white privilege.”
·         You’re a bartender from New York but you believe you're entitled to be the boss of all Americans.

Alas, I could do this all day.  Please share what gives a “progressive” away to you!


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Friday, May 10, 2019

Abetting Illegal Immigration is the Democrats’ Way of Burning America Down

Whenever I see news clips, documentaries or movies depicting the horrors of civil war I am inevitably shocked at the wonton destruction people are willing to commit in their pursuit of power and control.  As the culmination of decades or centuries of man’s labor, sweat and ingenuity are reduced to ugly piles of rubble and burning embers, the senseless waste and loss are sickening to me, and that is to say nothing of the tragedy of lost lives and wasted lifetimes.  A similar self-inflicted ruination is what I see occurring in America’s strangely partisan battle over illegal immigration.

Irrespective of any insincere lip service they might pay to the ideals of democracy, elitist Democrats want control of this country and are determined to get it one way or another, even if it means setting the nation figuratively on fire by tying our hands against an onslaught of massive illegal immigration.  As I write this our country is being, in the infamous words of Barack Obama, transformed by a continuous inflow of people whose cultures and socio-economic backgrounds don’t typically conform to the culture and backgrounds that makes Americans who we are.  Leftists might scoff disapprovingly at those words, but if you want to know where the truth lies just ask the scoffers if they take care to ensure that their children aren’t hanging around with the “wrong crowds,” because every parent understands how quickly our years of advice and mentoring are forgotten when our impressionable children are placed in a circle of influence with those whose values are far different. 

Democrat leaders who stand in the way of fixing our illegal immigration problems in spite of the destruction to our cultural identity (as well as a long list of other problems) are no different than bad parents who let their children hang with the “wrong crowds” so that those parents can be free to pursue their own selfish interests.  Anyone who can’t stand back and see this destructive “policy” on immigration for the declaration of war that it is is a complete fool and a foot soldier in the Left’s army of useful idiots.  Democrats are using their power to block any sane response to illegal immigration purely for their own selfish political interests (i.e. to deny a “win” to Donald Trump), and in doing so they are no different than those who bomb and burn and otherwise destroy to get their way.  The only difference is that their destruction won’t be seen – really seen – for years to come, and it will be far worse.  Buildings can be rebuilt, but once the soul of a nation is destroyed good luck ever getting it back.


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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Joe Biden Has a Very Strange Definition of “Abhorrence”

"I believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an abhorrent moment in time," Biden said.

So now it’s “abhorrent” to secure our borders against an ongoing invasion from uninvited people and to restore American prosperity and economic superiority in the world.  This is the pollution being shoveled into Americans’ minds by people like sleazy Joe Biden.

Mind you:

Spitting on the Constitution and unilaterally forcing Obamacare on us against the will of more than half the country – that was not abhorrent.

Scheming to use Obamacare to ultimately socialize healthcare in America and put us further down the road to economic slavery  that was not abhorrent.

Packing the courts with activist judges so that the Left can pretend to still honor the Constitution while slyly doing everything in its power to circumvent it and force its will upon the population – that was not abhorrent.

Standing on foreign soil and criticizing your own country and the citizens you swore an oath to serve and protect – that was not abhorrent.

Constantly pitting Americans against one another with campaigns of identity politics – that’s not abhorrent.

Setting up a ruse to use the federal government to spy on a political campaign and undermine a legitimately elected president and administration – that was not abhorrent.

Aiding the Russian effort to sow discord in the U.S. by fueling the phony charges of “collusion”  - that was not abhorrent.

American prosperity, patriotism and security – those are abhorrent.

Gotcha, Joe.


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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Trump Would be a Fool to EVER Release His Tax Returns

Democrats: “We demand that Donald Trump to put his foot in this trap!” 

“The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable.” 
~Sun Tzu 

Democrats are at war with the Republican Party, which means they’re at war with the American people because the GOP, weak and lame as it is, is the only thing standing between the Constitution and Democrats who would like to put the Constitution into the shredding machine.  The sooner all Americans understand this, the better.

It would be a refreshing change if Democrats were ever sincerely looking out for the interests of the American people, but Donald Trump’s enemies are obsessed with his tax returns for one reason only, and that is to find some information that can be used as a weapon with which to cudgel him politically.  Given the scheming nature of Democrats today and their willingness to manipulate the facts for their own benefit, there’s absolutely ZERO chance that this won’t happen.  None.  Nada.  Picture Elmer Fudd, shotgun at the ready, trying to cajole Bugs Bunny to step out of his rabbit hole for the sake of "transparency." To his great credit Trump appears to understand this game for what it is, but alas we have a handful of Republicans (hello, Mitt Romney!) who can only dream of possessing the common sense of the invincible Bugs Bunny.

Democrats – the party of socialist totalitarianism and thievery – cannot defeat Republicans and the American spirit in the arena of genuine political debate, so they are desperate to change the subject and to give their voters some excuse – any excuse – to put them in power in spite of their destructive ways.  (“See!  Trump didn’t give enough to charity!  That’s why I have to vote for a big-government socialist!”).  Whatever helps you sleep at night, my dear Democrats.

The scheme is already in play and the game is fixed so that there’s no way Trump can possibly win.  If he refuses to produce his tax returns then he must be hiding something.  If he produces the returns Democrats are ready to pounce.  Democrats and their leftist cohorts in the “mainstream” media are hoping to paint Trump into a corner, so it’s time to do what only Donald Trump can do and say, “Screw the leftists I’m not forking over my tax returns.  Now, let’s talk about the evils of socialism….”


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Monday, April 1, 2019

The McConnell Plan to Fight Democrats' "Resistance"

McConnell:  Time to Stop the Democrats' Obstruction

It took six months of partisan delays — and several railroad accidents — before Democrats let the Senate confirm a federal railroad administrator, even though none of them actually voted against the nominee in the end.  It’s been 354 days and counting in Senate purgatory for the president’s nominee to head the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Two-hundred eighty-seven days and counting for the under secretary of state for management. Noncontroversial lower court nominees have languished for weeks and weeks — for no discernible reason — before they, too, were confirmed unanimously. These are just a few examples of the historic obstruction Senate Democrats have visited upon President Trump’s nominees for two years and counting.

Since January 2017, for the first time in memory, a minority has exploited procedure to systematically obstruct a president from staffing up his administration. This new, across-the-board obstruction is unfair to the president and, more importantly, to the American people. Left unchecked, it is guaranteed to create an unsustainable precedent that would see every future presidency of either party obstructed in the same mindless way.  The Senate needs to restore normalcy. And this week, we will vote to do just that.

Every presidential election since John Adams beat Thomas Jefferson in 1796 has undoubtedly left some senators disappointed. But never before has the unhappy side then built a systematic effort to keep the new president's administration unstaffed.  We aren’t talking about limited opposition to a few high-profile nominees or unusual circumstances. It’s mindless, undiscriminating obstruction for the sake of obstruction. Even uncontroversial lower-level nominees whom literally no senators oppose are not spared.

Across the first two years of each of the six presidents preceding President Trump, the Senate only had to hold 24 total cloture votes on nominations. That’s the once-rare procedural step that unlocks an up-or-down confirmation vote even though a minority has sought to block it.  And in President Trump’s first two years? We had to hold a stunning 128 cloture votes to advance nominations. Our Democratic colleagues made the Senate jump over five times as many hurdles as in the equivalent periods in the Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations combined.

Because of this obstruction, the Senate’s progress in filling important executive branch positions has been insufficient. Crucial jobs are still being held empty out of political spite. More nominees whom I suspect would be confirmed without opposition are still being delayed indefinitely because our colleagues cannot finish grieving their loss in 2016.  The all-encompassing, systematic nature of this obstruction is not part of the Senate’s important tradition of minority rights. It is a new departure from that tradition. And this break with tradition is hurting the Senate, hamstringing our duly elected president, and denying citizens the government they elected.  Moreover, if we let this partisan paralysis continue, it will define a new norm for the future. It’s hard to imagine any future presidency of either party would be spared.

We can’t accept this. We need to stop this bizarre, new practice. We need to rebuild a nominations process that resembles the way things worked for more than two centuries.  Fortunately, the recent past provides a path forward.  In January 2013, as President Obama began his second term, I and many other Senate Republicans joined with Democrats to enact bipartisan reform of our nominations rules.  Republicans certainly weren’t thrilled with the election result. But instead of throwing a systematic tantrum, we acknowledged that the president should be able to build a government at a reasonable pace.  The measure, pushed by then-Democratic Leader Harry Reid and the current Democratic Leader Senator Chuck Schumer, sped up consideration of lower-tier nominations without changing the procedure for nominations to the Supreme Court, the circuit courts, or Cabinet-level executive positions. It helped us get lower-tier nominees out of Senate purgatory and into their roles without touching the most consequential vacancies.  It was a big step toward restoring Senate tradition. Even with a Democratic president, many Republicans still thought it was the right thing to do. The resolution got 78 votes.

These modest changes helped. But they only applied for the Congress in which they were enacted. And the need is much more urgent today.  That’s why, this week, the Senate will vote on a proposal to recreate similar, modest steps and make them permanent going forward.  Our proposal would only reduce the time a minority can keep delaying lower-tier nominations after a majority has invoked cloture. This would keep the Senate floor moving, saving time that is currently tied up in inoffensive nominations that senators don’t even really debate. And, at last, it would let President Trump fill important vacancies at a more reasonable pace.

Democrats overwhelmingly supported changes like these in 2013 when they helped President Obama. And privately, many of our Democratic colleagues tell us they’d be happy to support this new proposal, too — as long as we postpone its effective date until January 2021, when they hope there will be a Democrat occupying the White House.  Give me a break. A rules change is either a good idea or it isn’t. The answer cannot depend on whether you like the current occupant of the White House. Simple fairness dictates that there cannot be protections in place for Democratic administrations past and future that magically skip over Republican presidents. And this is especially true under the current extraordinary circumstances Senate Democrats have created.

The status quo is unfair, unhealthy, and unsustainable. This president and all future presidents deserve a more functional process for building their administrations.  Later this week, every senator will have the chance to vote for these common-sense changes. I sincerely hope that, as in 2013, the Senate can make these reforms through bipartisan regular order. Because the current situation cannot stand — and it won’t.

“Heads I win, tails you lose.”

That’s the Democrat motto…..the Left’s version of cooperative government, LOL.  The game must always be rigged in their favor.  Always.  You cannot get more UNAMERICAN than that, but alas the Left is hell-bent on amassing power regardless of the cost. 

Undoubtedly Mitch McConnell is trying to get the truth out there before the Democrats, with the help of the leftwing media, begin their campaign of lies about how the Republicans are attacking democracy.  Regardless of how you feel about McConnell, he’s right on this.  

Good luck, Senator McConnell. 


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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Dear President Trump: I Don’t Want to be “the Party of Healthcare.” I Want to be the Party of the Constitution.

A federal judge in Texas recently ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional due to its mandate requiring Americans to buy health insurance, and the Trump administration has decided not to defend the law, reigniting the “repeal and replace” battle lost by the Republicans following Trump’s election.  Speaking on the decision not to defend the law, Trump has declared that Republicans will become “the party of healthcare,” and while I am shaking my head in dismay, Barack Obama must be smiling to himself, because he knows that even if Democrats lose the battle over Obamacare, they will have won the war to make the federal government (and therefore taxpayers) ultimately responsible for healthcare.    

Obamacare was nothing more than a wealth-transfer scheme in which taxpayers were forced to subsidize health insurance for people who supposedly couldn’t afford it on their own.  I say supposedly because whether or not someone can “afford” something is a complicated question that requires a study of what choices they’ve made in life, and an assessment of whether or not they’re doing anything and everything they should be doing to assume full responsibility for themselves and their families.  Nothing like that happens in Obamacare or in any welfare program run by the geniuses managing our federal government.  The war fought by Obama and Democrats wasn’t over Obamacare, per se.  It was over whether it is the proper role of the federal government to ensure that all Americans have healthcare.  I am not 100% clear on what Trump means when he says Republicans will be “the party of healthcare,” but it’s difficult to see how that label restores the power of the people to be free of the federal government’s interference in our healthcare and in our wallets. 

I’ve written on this subject so many times that I feel like a broken record.  The only role the federal government legitimately has with respect to health insurance and healthcare is to ensure a free and fair marketplace.  To that end we should be pursuing tort reform, reducing the regulatory burden and paperwork mandates associated with healthcare, getting rid of barriers to competition and legislating transparency in healthcare pricing.  The federal government made sure that we know how many calories are in that cheeseburger we just ordered, but good luck finding out how many thousands of dollars that surgery is going to cost you.  A friend of mine was recently injured when her car was rear-ended.  Her medical bills are now close to $300,000 and she’s not done with her treatment.  Everyone, myself included, has a story about the outrageous medical bill they received for something.  Democrats and Obamacare did NOTHING to address the immoral scam that has become our health industry.  Instead they just found a way to pass the bill to someone else – hard-working, tax-paying strangers who have zero control over the health habits of the people they’ve been forced to subsidize.  That’s not only wrong, it continues our slide towards economic suicide.  If we could only have the good sense to take the steps that would restore rational, competitive pricing to healthcare, then it wouldn’t seem so crazy to make every capable citizen responsible for paying his own bills.  What a novel idea, eh? 

We MUST have the fight in this country to restore the Constitution and the limits of the federal government to use its citizens as a credit card.  Only when that happens is there any hope of Making America Great Again.  Good luck to us.


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