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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Right

As a conservative, I don’t want to take anything away from you with the exception, perhaps, of your recreational drugs, and that’s only because of their potential to ultimately impact me in some way.  Even in that respect, though, I am willing to let the people in the states decide that issue democratically and I’ll keep my objections to myself if I’m in the minority. 

As a conservative I am willing to take responsibility for myself and I took responsibility for my children when they were minors.  All I ask is that you do the same.  I will gladly chip in to help build roads, bridges and other necessary infrastructure that all of us benefit from and for niceties that I support in my local community, but I do not want to pay for your preferred niceties in your community or for the pet projects that feed the egos of politicians or help them get re-elected.  That’s fair, right?  I believe there is a small fraction of our population that truly needs assistance to help take care of themselves and will gladly chip in for that as well so long as it is done by private means.  I object to big-government-run welfare because history, both past and present, invariably proves it to be an invitation for political corruption and abuse of society’s generosity. 

As a conservative I believe in many so-called “traditional values,” and I believe in my right as a citizen to do what is within my power to preserve those values by supporting certain policies and candidates.  I respect your right to disagree, to debate and to support those policies and candidates who represent your own preferences so long as in doing so you never step on my basic, constitutional rights. 

As a conservative I honor the Constitution and will gladly respect your rights that are protected therein if you will do the same for me.  I understand that basic human nature doesn’t change and, the right to self-protection being inviolable, I believe in a strong national security system that keeps America’s enemies at bay.  I also believe in every nation’s sovereign right to decide its own immigration policy and who can and cannot enter their country.  No other nation has the right to challenge our immigration policy and no one person or group has the right to decide our immigration policy on his/their own.

Because the law of the jungle favors only the strongest and the most corrupt, I believe The People have the right to establish laws for the equal protection of everyone as well as the right to enforce those laws.  I believe my local and federal police forces are there to serve my interests – and the interests of everyone else – for law and order, and if you are interfering with a police officer who is rightfully doing his duty that is an assault upon my rights. 

As a conservative I believe in balancing environmental considerations against the right of The People to pursue economic happiness and security as well to exercise their personal property rights. 

Lastly, as a conservative I believe the policies that strengthen my nation’s standing in the world benefit me as a citizen, therefore I am a patriot and, pursuant to my right of self-interest, I support a government that is a strong and faithful advocate for the United States of America. 

And so my question to those on the Left is this: 

What is so hate-worthy about that? 

Every day now I see news reports of hate-inspired riots erupting on college campuses when conservative speakers attempt to speak upon invitation to those campuses.  The blogosphere is flush with “hate Trump” websites and blog posts (and poor old Trump isn’t even a conservative!).  Hollywood’s liberals can’t contain their raw hatred for Trump and other conservatives.  Before there was “Trump Derangement Syndrome” there was “Bush Derangement Syndrome” to describe the Left’s obsessive hatred of George W. Bush.  The comments I see on leftwing websites like The Huffington Post are seething with pure, unadulterated hatred for conservatives, and my only question is:  Why? 

I could understand if I was trying to infringe upon your liberty by supporting onerous government regulations that drove up the costs of your everyday necessities like food, housing, gasoline and electricity so that the great American dream was always just beyond your reach.  Then it might make sense. I could understand if I were continually reaching into your wallet to take money you worked for so that I could force you to subsidize those who’ve made poor choices in life.  That too would make sense.  I could understand if I put my bizarre need to feel liked by strangers around the globe ahead of your right, as my fellow citizen, to feel secure in your own country.  I could understand if I put the interests of non-citizens who come here illegally ahead of the interests of my fellow citizens.  I could understand if I protested on behalf of the comfort and “civil rights” of vicious criminals while I ignored the suffering and losses of their innocent victims.  Or it might make sense if I were the one helping to transfer massive power into the hands of elitist politicians under the ruse of saving the planet from “climate change,” or if I were electing powerful politicians to trample on the Constitution that’s there to protect our basic rights.  Then your hatred would be understandable. 

Completely understandable.


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