Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I’m not the first person to use that headline, but I’m the first I know of who isn’t suggesting that TDS applies to Trump’s detractors

The conservative love affair with Donald Trump befuddles me.   It’s like watching a shy friend who’s long shared her dreams of finding her perfect Prince Charming but then up and marries the first guy who pays her any attention, even though he is nothing like the Prince that she’s talked about her whole life. 

Conservatives have spent the last, oh I dunno, 20 years or so pining for a “true conservative,” or so I thought from the endless blog posts and comments saying as much.  But now they seem willing to forget much of what they’ve talked and written about because something new and interesting has appeared on the scene in the form of Donald Trump.  Trump is like a shiny object being dangled in front of a crying baby.  His unrestrained speeches are intoxicating to a citizenry that is starved for authenticity.  That much I do get.  But at some point even a crying baby realizes that the shiny object cannot satisfy what is really ailing him, and I’ve been waiting for a similar realization to awaken conservative supporters of Trump, yet so far it hasn’t happened. Therefore it’s time to pose this question to my conservative friends: 

Does principled conservatism matter?

If your answer is yes, then you have some soul-searching to do if Trump is your candidate of choice. 

Principled conservativism means that the positions one takes on issues such as Second Amendment rights, property rights, the proper role of the federal government and the right to liberty, among others, are derived from certain core beliefs.  Those core beliefs should include a belief in the rule of law as necessary to a successful society, and mutual agreement on certain basic rights as the basis for the rule of law.  Those basic beliefs are what inspired our Founding Fathers to write and ratify our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  When we entrust someone with the power of the presidency, we should do our best to ensure that they share the same core beliefs. Anyone who looks to other means of guidance when deciding questions about the government’s exercise of power is likely to get it wrong much of the time.  It is akin to the difference between a good doctor who draws on his understanding of the human body and knowledge of disease to treat a patient versus the lousy doctor who treats only the symptoms, temporarily relieving the pain while the cancer continues to grow until it is life-endangering.  Liberal influence on our government has turned it into a cancer that threatens our nation’s existence unless we get the leadership of a principled conservative who lets the Constitution guide his decisions and whose mission is to protect our rights.  That’s why principled conservatism matters. 

Now back to Trump.  What principled conservative would give hundreds of thousands of dollars to help elect liberal Democrats and sell out his fellow citizens for his own personal gain?  What principled conservative would expect the election of leftist Barack Obama to be “Good for the economy?”  What principled conservative advocates socialized healthcare?  What principled conservative thinks Eminent Domain for private enterprise is a good thing?  Like everyone else I have cheered Trump for getting in the face of liberals and I do admire, to a certain extent, his uninhibited honesty, but to draw on my earlier analogy - just because he’s a good kisser doesn’t mean I’m ready to marry him.

The other problem with Trump is that he’s often an egotistical, chauvinistic ass who has no filter between his brain and his mouth.  That might be tolerable in a true conservative who embodies everything else we want but with Trump it merely deepens the mystery of his appeal, at least to me. There’s a not-so-fine line between refusing to bow to the PC police and just being plain obnoxious, and Trump crosses that line on an almost daily basis with the slightest of provocation and the fact of the matter is, we would be hard pressed to find a true conservative who behaves this way.  Even worse is Trump’s habit of denying what we clearly heard him say, a character flaw that reminds me of the current occupant of the White House and doesn’t bode well.

I was initially willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, but then I listened very carefully to the things that he was saying, and the things he wasn’t saying.  I never hear Trump talk about rights or the size of the federal government.  I never hear him talk about the Constitution.  And I paid attention to the things he said and did in the past, because just as Barack Obama’s past was a window into what kind of president he would be, so it is true for Trump as well, and I don’t like what I see in that window.  Yes, I know I’m a party pooper.  I’ve probably crossed the line from being tolerably annoying to being outright dislikable, but so be it.  I have to keep it real.

~The Ever Annoying, CW

Sunday, November 22, 2015

If Not For Liberals

If not for liberals, Americans would not be fighting over what to do about tens of millions of illegal aliens in this country.  It is liberals who make life in America comfortable for illegals because they are the great enablers.  They enable the illegals to take advantage of free schools, free healthcare, free public assistance, unearned income tax “rebates” and other freebies at the expense of American taxpayers, because being charitable with taxpayer money proves how special and compassionate liberals are.  They enable illegals by shunning the laws and intimidating law enforcement such that illegals, who are supposedly cowering in the shadows, have no fear of publicly protesting or appearing on TV to advocate for “rights” that we never agreed to.  Everything, even our ballots, must be offered in Spanish, according to the liberals.  “But CW,” the liberals will say, “What about the employers who give them jobs?  They’re not all liberals.”  Employers contribute to the problem, no doubt; but employers want illegals because they’ll work cheap, and illegals work cheap because they are subsidized by taxpayers due to the efforts of liberals.  Take away the freebies and suddenly the illegals must make the same wages as Americans to live and take care of their families, reducing their willingness to settle for the lowest paying jobs and their attractiveness to employers.  If not for liberals the unnatural incentive to come here would not exist, we would enforce our laws and our illegal immigration problem would be easily managed.
If not for liberals college students today would not begin their adult lives saddled with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.  The vast majority of our colleges and universities are run by liberals.  Under their oversight administrative expenses have exploded as have “educator” salaries and benefits (because, after all, administrators and educators are mostly liberals).  Liberals figured out how to get “the government” (i.e. taxpayers) into the funding loop, and with an unlimited supply of funding in the form of student loans they continue to raise tuition every year and find new and creative ways to funnel money to their liberal comrades.  Just ask Hillary Clinton and other leftwing elites who command hundreds of thousands of dollars to give speeches to poor, pliable college kids where they explain to them how they are victims of the system.  They are preparing the environment for the next step of the plan in which angry students demand that their debt be transferred onto the backs of taxpayers.  Then the cycle will be complete, with the Left having near total control over the lucrative money machine we ignorantly call “education” (indoctrination would be more accurate).
If not for liberals the U.S. would not be speeding towards bankruptcy because so much of our money is spent on welfare.  This is a two-pronged enablement for which liberals deserve bonus credit.  First, by encouraging the “sexual revolution” and eliminating the stigma against unwed motherhood they enabled the disastrous explosion of single-parent households and created the conditions whereby so many are struggling to make ends meet.  They then compounded their misdeeds by throwing open the pantry and treasury doors to reward this disastrous behavior, ensuring that it will continue and grow until the money runs out and, in all likelihood, civil war ensues (Don’t believe me?  Look at the riots in Greece when they tried to make very modest “austerity” cuts).  The fact is, the money ran out long ago, and the powers that be are staving off civil war through more and more debt.  If not for liberals we could correct these mistakes, but anyone who dares to suggest that there’s anything wrong with single-parent households is immediately attacked as “mean” and “out of touch” by the liberals, and any Republican who suggests cutting back the welfare trough is fought with venom by liberal Democrats because this is the constituency that keeps them in power.
If not for liberals, we would still have high-quality, affordable healthcare in this country, because whenever there is ongoing demand for a product and no problematic obstacle to creating an adequate supply, the free market does a great job of meeting people’s needs.  But enter the liberals, and suddenly the market must contend with over-regulation, out-of-control lawsuits, unnecessary restrictions on access to insurance providers, unnecessary requirements that increase the cost of insurance, and freeloaders out the wazoo (Medicaid spending ALONE was nearly $500 BILLION dollars in 2014), all of which results in an overtaxed system that drives costs higher and higher to keep its balance, as well as a system that’s been made ripe for fraud, waste and greed.  Conservatives have long been screaming for a return to free market principles to restore the market’s natural ability to provide high quality healthcare at the best price, only to be demonized by liberals because this means their constituents will have to pay their own way.  So if you didn’t like the $36,000 bill you just got for your outpatient hernia surgery and you can’t sleep for fear of losing your insurance, thank a liberal.  Oh and don’t worry about that bill.  You only have to pay a $5,000 deductible.
If not for liberals we would be a nation united rather than a nation divided.  Liberals preach that we should “celebrate our differences,” when instead we should celebrate what we share in common.  Liberals claim to want unity, yet never miss an opportunity to turn isolated incidents of racism into an indictment of the entire white race, and they do so with the help and leadership of our current president.  Yet just as the transcendence of racism requires that we judge people as individuals, so too must we judge those who make mistakes as individuals.  When have you heard a liberal say that?  Never.  Fueling the anger and division is helpful to the advancement of liberalism; reason and perspective, not so much.
If not for liberals the world would not be in a fearful quandary over Islamic extremism right now, because liberals are the enablers of terrorists.  It’s liberals who support weak borders and tell us we must not profile, because profiling is discriminatory.  Someone needs to educate liberals on the fact that “discrimination” is not always a negative word.  Of course we should be discriminating when we try to identify the terrorists among us.  That’s instinctive.  That’s common sense.  But liberals are always telling us that we must ignore our instincts and common sense.  It’s liberals who fought on the side of Muslims when they wanted to build a giant mosque near the site of 9-11, because the more outrageous and offensive something is to average Americans the more special they believe themselves to be by supporting it, and their specialness means everything to them.  Certainly it means more than the security and prosperity of this nation.  Liberals make it impossible for societies to embrace policies of tolerance, because liberals are too special to be merely tolerant.  Only blind appeasement and irrational reverence will do for the average liberal, which is why they refuse to acknowledge the truth about Islam and they sneer and denounce Republicans who want appropriate precautions before we allow thousands of Muslim refugees into our homeland.
There is much debate these days about “existential threats,” and what poses the greatest threat to this nation.  Some say it’s ISIS.  Some say it’s Iran.  Some say it’s Russia, or North Korea or China.  Some say it’s “climate change” (LOL).  I shake my head when I hear this talk, because the biggest threat we face, bar none, is the mental disease known as liberalism.  Liberalism is the enemy within – the great enabler – and it lives safe among us, protected by the very system that it seeks to destroy.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Reject Paul Ryan as Speaker

The big news this morning is that Paul Ryan is granting us the enormous favor of running for speaker, providing he gets to call the shots.  The image of House members and political junkies waiting breathlessly for his decision is amusing when you consider that electing Ryan would pretty much make the contentious ouster of Boehner completely meaningless.  If anyone from the Freedom Caucus sector of the House wants Ryan as Speaker that is bizarre, and if moderates are cheering Ryan on in the hope for unity they are tone deaf. 

I used to have great respect for Paul Ryan until I started paying closer attention to the things he was saying.  The more I learn to observe and read between the lines of our politicians the more I understand that there are basically three types of people running the branches of our government.  First there the Obama types whose mission is to abuse and misuse their power to take from and control the people that the government is supposed to serve.  Next there are people like Ted Cruz whose mission is to defend us against tyrants like Obama by upholding, restoring and enforcing the Constitution, which was designed by our fore fathers for the express purpose of limiting the reach of government.  Then there are those who see their roles as peacemakers between the tyrants and the constitutionalists.  That third category is where Paul Ryan falls.

Like many republicans, I believe Paul Ryan probably came to Congress with reasonably noble intentions and he’s probably a nice man; but noble intentions have a funny way of getting sidetracked when people focus on math instead of on principles.  Ryan, known for his encyclopedic knowledge of the national budget, concerns himself with making the numbers work as if the principles that form the basis of this nation don’t matter as long as you can balance the budget.  This is the greatest of ironies, because restoring the government to its limits under the Constitution would naturally resolve our spending problems.  Maybe Mr. Ryan doesn’t want to be out of a job.

My lightbulb moment with respect to Ryan came when he began talking about “means testing” as a way to save Social Security and Medicare.  As I made the case in a prior post (“Means Testing and Marxism,” March 2013), means testing equates to classic Marxism:  “From each according to his ability; to each according to his need.”  I have challenged readers before, and will do so again now, to explain to me how means testing is any different than Marxism when it comes to the final result.  The only difference is that wealth transfer was the undisguised objective of Marx, whereas for Ryan it is the consequence of the misguided goal of saving socialism in America.  In addition we know now that Mr. Ryan is cozy with the amnesty crowd and hasn't stood up against raising the debt ceiling. 

This nation as we know it is in grave danger, perhaps irretrievably so, and we need a warrior, not a compromiser.  I beseech the members of the Freedom Caucus to stand firm and make the ouster of Boehner lead to something meaningful.  Say “NO” to Paul Ryan.



Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Socialism is Theft. Any Questions?


As a word, I’m sure it sounds fairly innocuous to the mindless robots that seem to make up most of the world’s population these days.  After all, the base part of the word is “social,” and heck, who doesn’t like being social?  And if you look at the official definition of socialism in the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, you still won’t find anything that sounds all that sinister to a mindless robot: 

Socialism:  “A way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.”


1.  “Any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods;”

2.  “A system of society or group living in which there is no private property;”

3.  “A stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done;”

See?  It’s just another economic theory.  Just another “system.”   The definitions don’t talk about how “the government” comes into possession of the means of production, or how what was once private property magically becomes public property.  It ignores that whole ugly process as if it doesn’t exist, but we know the truth, don’t we?  In order for industries to be owned and controlled by “the government” or for private property to cease to exist the industries and the private property must first be forcibly taken from the people who once owned them.  In other words, they must be stolen.  That’s the ugly truth about socialism that gets conveniently glossed over.  That’s why someone like Bernie Sanders can openly declare that he’s a socialist and not be viciously rejected by people who presumably would acknowledge that theft is immoral.  The robots hear “socialism” and they’ve been programmed, thanks to public education run by the Left, to think of it as just another morally equivalent economic alternative to free market capitalism. 

It’s no such thing.

In a sane world where personal rights are respected, anyone who openly advocates socialism as a societal “system” should be – at a minimum – arrested and confined behind bars for a very long time, because there is no difference between advocating socialism and suborning THEFT.  Pray tell me what is the difference between proposing “free” (i.e. with money forcibly taken from taxpayers) healthcare, college and daycare and simply calling outright for people to steal from those who have something they want?  There’s zero difference, which is why socialism is THEFT - period.

The news accounts of the thousands of thieves-in-waiting who are filling the seats at Bernie Sanders’ rallies and salivating at the prospect of having government as their gang leader should sicken anyone who values economic freedom and wants to preserve it for their children.  Make no mistake - the socialists at the Sanders rallies are no better than the smash and grab gangs we see on the news who take what they want with complete disregard for the people they steal from.  The only difference, by and large, is the color of their skin and the absence of hoodies.  How do these people face themselves in the mirror at night?  What went wrong in their upbringing that they are lining up for their chance to steal from their neighbors and fellow citizens, all the while patting themselves on their backs for their virtuousness?  More importantly, why are we tolerating this blatant threat to our property rights? 

It’s not helpful that we have the usual wonks who get out their calculators (sound familiar, Wall Street Journal?) and turn this issue into a matter of dollars and cents rather than right versus wrong.  They answer the socialists with calculations of how much their socialism is going to cost.  LOL.  Since when are thieves persuaded by their victims’ arguments of how much the thieving will cost them?  Oh, and did I mention that socialists are liars too?  They will always insist that everyone is better off if we give the socialists the power to steal.  As I’ve said in the past ad nauseam, the minute free people respond to the socialists/thieves by debating the cost of the proposed theft, the free people have lost.  Period, end of story.  This is an issue of rights, and it doesn’t matter if it costs ten cents or ten trillion dollars.  We are the U.S. of A., and people are supposed to have rights to their property, a principle that is entirely lost on socialists and wonks with calculators.

Bernie Sanders is openly and unapologetically running on a platform of outright THEFT, and he and his supporters should be in jail; but I will say this for Bernie:  at least he is an honest thief.   And don’t be fooled by those who dismiss Bernie Sanders’ chances because he’s a proud socialist/thief.  Virtually every member of the Democrat Party is a socialist by word and deed, regardless of what label they give themselves.  Obama had the same goals as Sanders, but unlike Bernie he wasn’t so honest about his plans and his cunning approach helped him significantly advance the agenda of the thieves in his capacity as gang leader.  Hillary Clinton is just another thief in a pink pantsuit.  For that matter, there are a number of Republicans who fit in that ugly shoe as well.

Earlier I asked, “Why are we tolerating this blatant threat to our property rights?”  The answer is that we’ve been programmed to accept theft in the guise of social policy for close to a century now, and those who understand what’s going on also understand that there is no political solution to this problem.  That’s right, read between the lines.  That’s one reason that the socialists/thieves are laser-focused on dismantling our Second Amendment rights and disarming the citizenry.  The other reason is that socialism thrives when they can divide a population with wedge issues, but that’s an essay for another day.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tipping the Scales of Justice

The wise and brilliant Thomas Sowell once wondered why we need to use precious and costly court time and resources to hear the family and friends of murder victims testify about the impact of their losses.  Paraphrasing his question from my memory of his post from many years ago, Sowell’s question went something like this:   “Can’t we just assume that the loved ones of those who’ve been murdered are angry and sad about their loss?” 

I agreed with him then and still do.  Cold as it may sound, courts are not supposed to be a forum for victim venting, but more importantly, this habit we’ve adopted of devoting part of a trial to impact statements tarnishes what is supposed to be blind and impartial justice.  Does the murderer who kills a homeless man with no one to mourn his loss deserve any less justice than the murderer who kills a father of four?  Does the child with no one to testify because his own parents murdered him deserve less justice than the murdered child whose parents are devastated by their terrible loss?  Some people will be missed more than others, but all people deserve the same impartial justice, likewise for the perpetrators.

What reminded me of Sowell’s post from so long ago were reports from the James Holmes (Colorado theater shooter) murder trial where, over the past few days, the loved ones of his many victims have been testifying about their deceased and injured loved ones.  One Fox News reporter informed viewers that: “The judge told the jurors over and over again that they need to put their emotions to the side and use reasoned, moral judgement in deciding the proper sentence for Holmes…”  Doesn’t it seem counter intuitive to incorporate hours and hours of emotional testimony from devastated loved ones and then ask the jury to disregard their emotions and use “reasoned, moral judgment?”  Why not create a separate forum for the loved ones of the victims of convicted criminals to address the perpetrators, one that does not involve all of those people necessary for conducting a trial and does not require jurors to listen to emotional testimony which they are then expected to disregard?

Just food for thought…


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Everything I Know about Liberalism I learned in Grade School

In 2005 Michael Savage wrote a bestselling book entitled “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.”  A lot of people probably dismissed it as right-wing hyperbole, just a bit of mean-spirited name calling to attract attention for the book; but anyone who’s listened to Savage even once understands that there was no facetious intent in the title whatsoever.  He was dead serious and furthermore, he was dead right. 

Though I have never read the book, the title struck home with me because it finally answered the question that conservatives have been asking each other for as long as I can remember:  Why?

Why do liberals do the things they do?  Why do they hate the U.S. but love Cuba?  Why do they encourage behaviors that create dependency?  Why do they deprive themselves of critical water for the sake of an inconsequential fish? Why were they outraged by accusations of sexist jokes by Clarence Thomas but unmoved by allegations of rape and molestation against Bill Clinton?   The inconsistencies and self-destructive positions have left us scratching our heads for decades, but it all makes sense when you understand that liberalism is a mental disorder.  Then the question becomes, what is the nature of this disorder and how did they get it?  I don’t know what Mr. Savage ascribed it to in his book but I have my own theory and to understand it we need to go back to grade school.

There is probably not a day that goes by when I don’t witness the misbehaviors of liberals and I am transported back in time to my grade school days where memories of similar behaviors by long lost classmates evoke disturbing parallels.  As I watched the recent riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, for instance, I remembered the senseless - albeit less viciously destructive - vandalism that was the plague of every school when I was growing up.  It seems the ability to destroy what others have built gives some children a sense of power and that mentality carries through to adulthood.

I recall the physical and psychological bullying that went on in school.  Now I see leftists hang Sarah Palin in effigy, I see shop owners chased out of business when they won’t bend to the Left’s will, I see leftwing news editors posting the home addresses of law-abiding gun owners in their newspapers to intimidate them, and I see a supposedly good-hearted liberal (Joy Behar) taunting conservative Sharron Angle with the words, “Come here, bitch! Come to New York and do it!" on national TV.  Yet it is conservatives, we are always told, who are the bullies.  As a student I watched with dismay as the teachers and administrators - all liberals - ignored bullying while giving phony lip-service to how “bullying won’t be tolerated;” And as an adult it’s Déjà vu all over again as the leftwing media pays no attention whatsoever to an endless parade of liberal bullying even while they wring their hands and wrinkle their brows over bullying in our schools. 

Today, when I see gaudy gay pride parades, “environmentalists” protesting to save the Delta smelt or Dennis Rodman flying his entourage to North Korea to show us he can make nice with tyrants, I remember my school days when some kids would do just about anything for attention. 

When I hear liberals like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton loudly proclaiming that they “accept full responsibility” for failures occurring on their watch but then they subsequently bristle at any suggestion of actually accepting blame or consequences, I am reminded of school kids who were quick to embrace the more rewarding aspects of adulthood (dressing, smoking, swearing, sex, etc.) but disinclined to accept the responsibilities that go with it.  Children often know how to say things to sound like adults, but rarely do they know how to actually be the adults.

When Barbara Streisand swooned to Oprah about how “swell” Bill Clinton was and when record millions of Democrats converged on D.C. for the privilege of witnessing the coronation of the “first black president,” I recalled my school days when elections rewarded personal popularity and outer image over substance and achievement.

When I recall the cruel peer pressure in grade school and the punishment of non-conforming kids who were labeled “geeks” and “nerds,”  I am immediately reminded of today’s battle over “climate change,” and how scientists and others who won’t conform to the Left’s agenda are ridiculed and stigmatized as “deniers.” 

I remember how some kids would receive poor grades, and rather than take an honest assessment of their own failures, would declare that their teachers “hate them.”  Fast forward to the adult world where liberals blame their failures and bad behaviors on racism, homophobia, sexism or partisanship.

I recall how in grade school teachers had to continually monitor the halls, the cafeteria and the playground because too many kids still lacked the maturity to be trusted to follow the rules.  Now I see that the rules still don’t apply to liberals like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

In school I remember being puzzled by the kids who were mean and rejecting to many of their classmates but who would anxiously raise their hands to give smiling, text-book perfect answers on how to ‘make the world a better place.’  The teacher would pat their little heads and give them their gold stars, after which these same kids would go to recess and resume their mean-girl (or mean-boy) ways, oblivious to the gross contradiction.  Fast forward to adulthood, and I see the very same behavior acted out over and over by the Left, who are always given the presumption of being kindly, big-hearted, open-minded supporters of free speech despite the reality of their behaviors.  Actress Julia Roberts sneeringly quipped that, “Republican comes in the dictionary just after reptile and just above repugnant,” and yet a drooling reporter from The Washington Post tells us, “…there's just something about Roberts's infectious enthusiasm and spirit that defies dislike.”   Isn’t that special?  Martin Bashir called Sarah Palin "America's resident dunce" and a "world-class idiot" and suggested she should have to eat feces because she had the audacity to compare saddling our children with massive debt to slavery, but if you ask him why he’s a liberal he will tell you it’s because he believes in free speech and conservatives are mean.  Oh, and we should see no irony in kindhearted, feminist-supporter Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut,” or in how much his insult amused those righteously liberal ladies of “The View.”  The inability to see the disconnect between what they say and what they do is a trait some liberals just never outgrow.

Back in school we rebelled against our parents, dismissing their experience and advice in the mistaken belief that defiance equals independence; but when we played with matches and were burned, had sex and became pregnant or drove recklessly and hurt others, we learned the value of their experience and guidance.  Now, conservatives are the adults and liberals are the rebellious children who balk at the traditions and rules that evolved from generations of experience and hard-learned lessons.  Like children, they insist on being burned before they will believe that playing with fire is dangerous, only now we all get to feel the pain.      

Liberalism is the absence of mental maturity.  It requires that one’s ego be gratified at any cost.  A century ago the disease of liberalism had difficulty spreading because there were natural deterrents in the form of logical consequences to liberal behaviors and because Americans believed in their rights and wouldn’t allow those consequences to spill over onto them.  Over time, however, little by little, liberals have managed to change that, and the disease has spread like any other disease that thrives when it learns how to get past the body’s natural defenses.  The cure is the same as it is for the spoiled child who has become a brat.  You stop spoiling him and make him suffer the consequences of his actions as nature intended.  The question is, are we too late to stop the epidemic?


Monday, April 20, 2015

Means Testing, Marxism and Chris Christie

Remember that old book, Animal Farm?  That glorious, little book which every American child reads in grade school and whose lessons are promptly forgotten by so many in adulthood?  Yes, that’s the one.  It’s a story about achieving communism through incrementalism.  Here’s how it works:  you begin with what seems like a noble purpose and you establish a set of rules.  Then slowly, over time, the powers that be begin to change the rules…one by one…, until one day people wake up and what they have no longer resembles the noble thing that they were sold, but that’s okay because most of them no longer remember what the noble thing was to begin with.  Anyway, it’s then too late, because the changes tipped the scales in someone’s favor, and someone isn’t about to give that up without a fight.

The history of Social Security in this nation is a case study in incrementalism.  When it first began in 1937 the payroll tax to fund Social Security was 2%, half being paid by the employee and half paid by the employer.  Over time the tax has been gradually increased to its current total of 12.4%.  That’s an increase in the tax rate of 520%.  But hold on.  The maximum earnings that could be taxed in 1937 were $3,000, which equals $48,900 in today’s dollars; however, instead of the maximum being $48,900 today the maximum has been gradually increased to $118,500, an increase of more than 142%.  Since its inception there have been gradual but expansive additions to the roster of people who qualify for Social Security; and over time there have been changes to the minimum age at which benefits are paid out.  Let’s not forget, also, that at the time it was enacted it was controversial to begin wtih, and it’s constitutionality was challenged in the SCOTUS much like Obamacare was.

With each decade, the realities of simple math and human nature that point to the program’s inevitable doom have prompted our ever-resourceful lawmakers to propose changing yet another rule.  They want to “fix” Social Security by “means-testing” people and withholding benefits from anyone who is above a certain means.  Means-testing has probably been quietly bandied about for quite some time among the busy little bees in our government because, let’s face it, it would mean the realization of the wet dreams of the socialists and Marxists.  Lately, though, certain philosophically-challenged Republicans have brought the proposal to the forefront of the public discussion on Social Security in what seems a misguided effort to appear to be bold, fiscal conservatives.  Paul Ryan started beating the drum for means-testing a few years back.  Now Chris Christie is jumping on the bandwagon in an apparent effort to salvage his fading presidential aspirations.  Right on cue NPR’s Mara Liasson called Christie “brave” when the subject was discussed on Special Report yesterday, so there you go.  It is now “brave” to propose withholding a promised benefit to someone who has fulfilled his end of the bargain.  Gee, give yourself a pat on the back, Governor Christie. 

For anyone who still doesn’t understand what’s wrong with means testing for Social Security retirement benefits here’s a quiz:  tell me what the difference is between means-testing and Marxism (“From each according to his ability; to each according to his need”), because I can’t tell the difference. 

“But CW,” some will argue, “The country is drowning in debt, yet we are giving Social Security benefits to millionaires and billionaires and the money could run out.” 

First let me ask:  Does anyone really believe that the Koch brothers or Bill Gates are going to waste their time filling out applications to receive Social Security?  Trust me it is not the “one percenters” who are draining the mythical trust fund.  Social Security revenue doesn’t keep up with expectations largely because the usual free-loaders have elbowed their way to the trough.  Consequently, means-testing will ultimately necessitate eliminating payments not just to the wealthy, but to the middle and upper-middle class, because that is the only way to keep up with the free-loaders.  Eventually it will be strictly a mechanism for transferring wealth from the earners to the non-earners, because we all know that no politician will ever suggest cutting off the free-loaders.  The last thing Republicans should do is to pave the way for legalized theft by “fixing” this mess via means-testing, and anyone who suggests doing so has surrendered any claim to being a conservative in my book. 

If you’re not sufficiently irritated yet, let’s go ahead and consider what happens when we adopt means-testing.  How will the government know if you’re too wealthy to receive benefits?  Well, you’re going to have to give them all of your financial information every year, right?  Tell them how much you have in the bank, how much you have in your retirement account, what your property is worth, etc., etc., etc.  So much for privacy.  I’m sure nothing bad will come from sharing this information with the government.

In her recent coming out video (coming out for POTUS candidate, that is), liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton promised to help us do more than “just get by,” but allowing most of us to just get by is exactly what the socialists want and hope to achieve by incrementally siphoning off anything over and above what they think we should have.  This is not a fight about keeping benefits.  It’s a fight about freedom, and holding politicians in our government accountable to the promises they make so that maybe one day they will cease making false promises.  Don’t hold your breath on that one.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Governor vs. Senator for POTUS…or…Why Krauthammer and Coulter are Wrong

With each new candidate that enters the race for POTUS it seems we must renew the debate over who is better qualified to be president, a former governor or a former senator.  I find myself increasingly annoyed listening to the arguments on both sides of this debate, but I am especially irked by the argument some are making that we should be wary of any first-term senator candidates because Obama was a first-term senator and look how that turned out.  Two of my favorite pundits, Charles Krauthammer and (sometimes) Ann Coulter, have both recently made that argument, much to my surprise and disappointment. 

There may be merit to the ‘inexperience’ argument and I wouldn’t dismiss the notion that leadership experience would be helpful to a president, but let’s get something clear once and for all:  Obama’s failure as POTUS was not a matter of his inexperience.  This ought to be evident by the fact that he has now been POTUS for six long years and despite that “experience” he is every bit as bad today as he was on day one, if not worse.  How can that be if experience makes one a better POTUS?  Fifty-plus years of “experience” didn’t help Fidel Castro, which ought to be a real head-scratcher to those who tout experience as the chief qualification for POTUS. 

Experience is helpful to a candidate who wants to do the right things but doesn’t yet know how. On the other hand, no amount of “experience” will make a candidate with the wrong ideas and the wrong motives, i.e., Barack Obama, become a good POTUS, so I find the comparison between him and conservative candidates nothing short of maddening.

Now let’s talk about the “experience advantage” of the governors.  It’s true that governors are given a unique opportunity to lead, and the history of their time in office ostensibly offers voters a sort of window into what their presidency might look like.  Be that as it may, however, the role of governor is quite different than the role of POTUS, or at least it should be.  Governors routinely deal with issues relating to education, transportation, healthcare, infrastructure, and other issues that, for better or worse, involve them in the day to day lives of their constituents.  The best governors, we are told, have learned the art of compromise (a.k.a. “reaching across the aisle”) and they know how to “take care” of their citizens.  The way I interpret this is that governors have learned the art of socialism.  I’m sure some would bristle at that description but it’s true.  Have you listened to former conservative, John Kasich, since he became governor of Ohio?  It seems his philosophies have evolved since he got that job, and not for the better.

Being that the federal government has no business, under the Constitution, of micromanaging education, transportation, healthcare, and so many other things that were meant to be left to the states, I am not necessarily impressed when a presidential candidate boasts of his “management experience” owing to his tenure as governor of this or that state.  In fact, I get a little scared.  I want a POTUS who protects my rights, not someone whose claim to fame is that he knows how to negotiate with the thieves on the other side of the aisle. 

Some conservatives in the pro-governor camp have invoked the legacy of Ronald Reagan to give weight to their side, but we should not allow our esteem for Reagan to let us forget that even Reagan gave us amnesty and arguably sowed the seeds to Obamacare (see “Ronald Reagan, EMTALA & the Roots of Obamacare”).  My point is not to diminish Reagan but to note that his greatest achievements as POTUS came when he followed his conservative instincts, not necessarily when he leaned on the compromise or nanny-state skills he became accustomed to using as governor.

History has thus far demonstrated that there is not necessarily a common denominator in candidates’ resumes that strongly suggests success or failure (I readily concede, however, that another community organizer is a slam-dunk bad idea).  Woodrow Wilson was a former governor, as were Clinton and George W. Bush.  LBJ and Nixon both served as vice president prior to their presidencies, so they could hardly be accused of inexperience, but we know how that turned out, if I may borrow a phrase from the pundits.  As far as I am concerned any “experience” points one earns as a governor is pretty much cancelled out by the ugly sausage-making they learn to immerse themselves in, and which they must unlearn in order to become a good POTUS.  That leaves us with name recognition, any actual achievements they can boast of, and the ideas and principles they bring to the table – same as anyone else.


Monday, March 30, 2015

So What Do We Do About ISIS?

During my high school years my parents owned a lodge in the mountains of Colorado where they would occasionally have country western dances on a Saturday night.  The mixture of cowboys and alcohol can be dangerous at times but we had pretty reliable insurance against such problems in the form of my father who had grown up in the area and who had a legendary reputation as a skilled fighter who tolerated no nonsense in his establishment (unless, of course, he was the instigator of said nonsense). Now and then, however, there were newcomers who either didn’t know about my dad’s reputation or who felt compelled to test it, and things would get interesting.  On one such night two young men who were new to the area started a fight with a third man in the bar while my dad was outside.  Other patrons attempted to intervene and stop the impending mayhem, but the two young men were not to be talked out of the fight.  Someone went to get my dad, explaining that a fight was about to start and the instigators were acting crazy and couldn’t be reasoned with.  “We’ll see about that,” said my dad as he entered the building.  Now, my dad liked to collect interesting objects to decorate his bar.  One of those objects was an old, petrified tree root shaped like a club with large, pointed spikes covering the round end.  This deadly conversation piece hung behind the bar, and as my dad strode in he grabbed that club and catapulted himself on top of the bar in one quick motion.  “Now you’re gonna get the hell out of here,” he said, and there was nothing but calm resolution in his eyes.  He was more than ready to use the club if anyone dared to defy him.  The Indians who had been deaf and blind from rage two seconds earlier were magically transformed back to sanity.  Now keenly aware of their surroundings and the imposing figure with the spiked club who was poised for action, they suddenly changed their minds about fighting and quietly left.  Go figure.

The moral to the story is this:  people like to fixate on the psychology behind violence and imagine that the best response involves some attempt to manage those psychological forces through reasoning or propaganda when really the best antidote to violence is the real threat of greater violence in return.  I have watched with great interest the reports of young men (and a few ultra-foolish young women) migrating to the Middle East to join ISIS.  The attention that ISIS is getting has had the predictable effect of attracting young people from around the world who, in another place and time, might have become members of the Weather Underground or the SLA.  It’s the same mentality:  people who yearn to feel powerful by inciting fear and exercising violence against others.  They are the disaffected young adults deeply unsatisfied with life in societies that won’t tolerate their need for power and attention.  You cannot rationalize with such people, and what’s really in order is a big dose of shock and awe coupled with a steadfast resolution to eradicate them from the face of the planet.  That’s what the U.S. strategy towards ISIS should be if we are serious about changing the trajectory in the Middle East and sending a warning to barbarians; but of course, Obama is not.

It’s a funny thing about shock and awe.  It has the unique ability to separate the die-hard believers in a cause who will fight it out to the end (hence the term, “die-hard”) from the disaffected attention seekers, many of whom will magically forget ‘the cause’ when the going gets rough.  Then, if they are lucky enough to survive their foolishness, they can migrate back to the U.S. and embark on lucrative careers in higher education.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Obama Deserves to be Hated

On a recent episode of ‘Hardball’ Chris Matthews of MSNBC spat, “Let me finish with this contest of hate we’re watching among the Republican candidates for president.  How much do you – how much can you – hate President Obama?”

I’m sure Chris Matthews and his leftwing cohorts never said anything hateful about George Bush, but pointing out yet another of the Left’s many hypocrisies is not the purpose of this essay.  We can only hope that for once Matthews is right in his characterization of Republicans, because there’s clearly something wrong with any American who’s been awake for the past six years and doesn’t hate Barack Obama.  Let’s review, shall we?

Barack Obama is a liar.  That’s been very well-documented.  From his years in the church of America-hating Jeremiah Wright to his useful association with leftist terrorist, Bill Ayers, to his feigned outrage over increases in the national debt under George Bush…he lied.  He lied about his feelings on gay marriage and his plans to run a transparent administration.  He lied about his healthcare scheme, Benghazi , his respect for the Constitution, his authority on immigration and, in all likelihood, his bowling score.

But his spoken lies are the least of this man’s deceitfulness, just as tax evasion was the least of Al Capone’s sins.  Dishonesty permeates every inch of this man’s being.  Every inch.  When he is not outright lying or better yet, having one of his many tax-payer funded minions lie for him, he is engaging in more artful forms of deceit that are the preferred modus operandi of the better con men.  His favorite game is the straw-man argument where he intentionally mischaracterizes the position of his opponent so that he can easily ridicule and defeat it.  The examples below are typical of every Obama speech:

There seems to be a set of folks who -- I don't doubt their sincerity -- who just believe that we should do nothing [about the economic meltdown].”

"…a philosophy that says every problem can be solved if only government would step out of the way; that if government were just dismantled, divvied up into tax breaks, and handed out to the wealthiest among us, it would somehow benefit us all. Such knee-jerk disdain for government -- this constant rejection of any common endeavor -- cannot rebuild our levees or our roads or our bridges."

“In recent days, there have been misguided criticisms of this plan that echo the failed theories that helped lead us into this crisis — the notion that tax cuts alone will solve all our problems… … that we can meet our enormous tests with half-steps and piecemeal measures…… that we can ignore fundamental challenges such as energy independence and the high cost of health care and still expect our economy and our country to thrive.”

“Listen, here’s what I say. I say our challenges are too big to ignore.”

Poor, heroic Obama, fighting against those mean Republicans who just want to dismantle the government and ignore the country’s problems! 

This is a man, lauded by the Left for his supposedly superior intelligence, who is an intellectual coward.  Never does he engage in a fair argument based on the actual positions of his opponents.   Like the cowardly Commodus who stabbed the chained hero Maximus before their battle in the arena, Obama must secure his own unfair advantage before any fight.

I won’t bother delving into all of the Obama hypocrisies because hypocrisy is part of the lying and also because I’m not writing a book here.  Obama tells us that “climate change” is our greatest threat and he’s worried for the environment, but the jet-setting, fuel wasting, carbon spewing ways of he and his pampered family expose the truth.  He doesn’t like money in politics, we’re told, yet he sets new records in fundraising every year, again revealing the truth.  Obama was deeply offended by the Patriot Act before he became POTUS…and then the truth was revealed.   His silence on the constant, deadly violence in his hometown of Chicago reveals the lie when he bemoans incidents of gun violence elsewhere.  The lies go on and on and on and yes, Virginia, they matter.

Perhaps worse than the lies is the assumption that we’re all stupid.  “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” he seems to be saying when he boldly denies having said what we just heard him say.  Or is it that he’s urinating on our feet as he tells us it’s raining?  Please tell me which is more apt, dear leftists and Obama sycophants.

I hate the way that this failed president with few honest accomplishments to his name presumes to lecture and scold us like naughty children.  I hate the way that a man who is supposed to be our leader and our voice disses us at home and abroad.  I hate that he knows his liberal minions will eat that stuff up, then bend over and ask for more.  A real leader doesn’t disrespect his own people.  He stands up for them.

I hate the wealth transfer scheme known as Obamacare.  I hate that hard-working people who’ve sacrificed and done the right things to reach a nice standard of living now have to subsidize the healthcare or the educations of people who don’t have to justify their “need” to anyone.  I hate that this is being done not to help the helpless but to lock up the democrat vote and keep democrats in power. That’s not what the Founders intended and that’s not what the Constitution is about, no matter what the traitor John Roberts says.  Obama is a crafty thief, that’s why I hate him.

I hate the massive fraud being perpetrated in the name of saving us from the phony boogieman, “climate change.”  I hate that the boogieman used to be “global warming” but was changed to the conveniently all-encompassing “climate change” when the science wasn’t cooperating.  I hate that liberals are fooled by this, and people like Obama know that.  I detest that Obama declares “the debate about climate change is over,” when we all know there’s been no debate, and this is his way of telling us we have no power.  He has taken our power with his phone and his pen.

I hate that Obama examines any and every move as Commander-in-Chief through the lens of politics, analyzing each move not for how it will impact the goals of our military but for how it will impact his political fortunes or his legacy as icon of the Left.  I hate that the lives of our soldiers and the interests of this nation are of secondary importance to him, assuming they are important at all, which is a generous assumption on my part.  If anyone doubts my assessment of Obama’s role as CIC, I have one simple challenge for you:  explain the Bowe Bergdahl swap.

I hate Obama for presuming to give away my rights to global bodies whose authority I don’t recognize.  What gives him that right?  I hate him for putting the interests of people who came here illegally, and all those who will surely come here illegally in the future, ahead of the interests of the American people.  Not only does he not have that right, but it is an outrageous and traitorous act for a POTUS. 

I hate it that he welcomes race agitators and America haters to the White House that belongs to us, not him.  I hate it that he would do a triple axel backward somersault before he would utter the words, “Islamic terrorists.” I hate that he does interviews with Utube stars who bathe in cereal and he’ll take tough questions from Telemundo but he avoids the real American press.

Obama is a petulant, vindictive boy who treats the treasures and the people of this country as if they were his playthings, to be manipulated, used and discarded according to his whim.  That’s why I hate him.

You got a problem with that?


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Politico, Gene Demby & the Lie of the “New Civil Rights Movement”

The following essay from Politico is a leftist’s attempt to convince us that the reaction we’ve seen to recent events in Ferguson and New York is a noble “civil rights movement.”  It makes for a good lesson on how leftist’s lie and spin.  The comments in red italics are mine.  ~CW

The shattering events of 2014, beginning with Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Missouri, in August, did more than touch off a national debate about police behavior, criminal justice and widening inequality in America.

There’s the first lie.  There’s been nothing resembling “debate.”  Debate implies honest people calmly engaging in a sincere examination of both sides of an argument.  Instead what we’ve seen is the opposite of debate.  Race hustlers with a one-sided agenda swarmed in and people have rushed to judgment before hearing the facts.  That’s not something to be proud of, it’s shameful, and it’s a giant step backward for this nation.  The second lie is the assertion of “widening inequality” in America.  There’s no basis for such a statement whatsoever.

They also gave a new birth of passion and energy to a civil rights movement that had almost faded into history, and which had been in the throes of a slow comeback since the killing of Trayvon Martin in 2012.

There’s a good reason the civil rights movement had almost faded into history, Mr. Demby.  The original civil rights movement wasn’t about insulating blacks from the consequences of their actions, as this new “movement” is.  It was about achieving equality under the law, and that’s been done.  Your problem and the problem in the black community is that equal treatment of minorities doesn’t guarantee equal behavior by minorities.  They commit crimes at a far higher rate than non-minorities, and thus attract greater attention from the police. 

That the nation became riveted to the meta-story of Ferguson—and later the videotaped killing of Eric Garner in New York—was due in large part to the work of a loose but increasingly coordinated network of millennial activists who had been beating the drum for the past few years. In 2014, the new social justice movement became a force that the political mainstream had to reckon with.

For those who may not know it, “social justice” is leftist-speak for legalized theft and special protection from consequences and responsibility.

This re-energized millennial movement, which will make itself felt all the more in 2015, differs from its half-century-old civil rights-era forebear in a number of important ways. One, it is driven far more by social media and hashtags than marches and open-air rallies. Indeed, if you wanted a megaphone for a movement spearheaded by young people of color, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better one than Twitter, whose users skew younger and browner than the general public, which often has the effect of magnifying that group’s broad priorities and fascinations. It’s not a coincidence that the Twitterverse helped surface and magnify the stories of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

In other words, we’d better watch out because the mischievous and misinformed can spread their lies faster and farther than ever before.

Two, the new social-justice grass roots reflects a broader agenda that includes LGBTQ (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-questioning) issues and immigration reform.

Translation:  Gays want their share of the loot too.

The young grass-roots activists I’ve spoken to have a broad suite of concerns: the school-to-prison pipeline, educational inequality, the over-policing of black and Latino communities.

You have to marvel at Mr. Demby’s skill at cramming so much dishonesty into one sentence.  The “school-to-prison pipeline” is a consequence of 50 years of liberal social engineering that’s just done wonderful things for the black community.  Now the Left’s brilliant solution to fixing the mess is to relax the laws and police enforcement in those communities.  In five years they’ll be back to tell us that blacks and Latinos are being neglected by law enforcement, their communities have turned into jungles and it’s all our fault.  Wait for it.

In essence, they’re trying to take on deeply entrenched discrimination that is fueled less by showy bigotry than systemic, implicit biases.

Wrong again, Mr. Demby.  They aren’t taking on any such thing, nor is that their goal because bigotry and bias can’t be cured by marching and threatening.  It can only be cured by demonstrating that these attitudes are based on false impressions.  The truth is that these “activists” are fighting for freedom from all accountability, and they are getting help from the usual suspects, their ever-dependable enablers on the Left. 

Three, the movement’s renewal has exposed a serious generational rift. It is largely a bottom-up movement being led by young unknowns who have rejected, in some cases angrily, the presumption of leadership thrust on them by veteran celebrities like Al Sharpton. While both the younger and older activists both trace their lineage to the civil rights movement, they seem to align themselves with different parts of that family tree. And in several ways, these contemporary tensions are updates of the disagreements that marked the earlier movement.

That’s right, Mr. Demby.  Al Sharpton is not militant or radical enough for these “young unknowns.”  That should alarm you but you’re a clueless leftist, so….

Sarah Jackson, a professor at Northeastern University whose research focuses on social movements, said the civil rights establishment embraces the “Martin Luther King-Al Sharpton model”—which emphasizes mobilizing people for rallies and speeches and tends to be centered around a charismatic male leader. But the younger activists are instead inclined to what Jackson called the “Fannie Lou Hamer-Ella Baker model”—an approach that embraces a grass roots and in which agency is widely diffused. Indeed, many of the activists name-checked Baker, a lesser-known but enormously influential strategist of the civil rights era. She helped found Martin Luther King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference but became deeply skeptical of the cult of personality that she felt had formed around him. And she vocally disagreed with the notion that power in the movement should be concentrated among a few leaders, who tended to be men with bases of power that lay in the church. “My theory is, strong people don’t need strong leaders,” she said.

“My theory is, strong people don’t need strong leaders,” said Baker as they look to her for leadership.

Baker’s theories on participatory democracy were adopted by later social movements, like Occupy Wall Street, which notably resisted naming leaders or spokespeople. But James Hayes, an organizer with the Ohio Student Association, said that he didn’t think of this new social justice movement as “leaderless” in the Occupy style. “I think of it as leader-ful,” he said.

“Participatory democracy” is another leftist term to facilitate the legalization of wealth transfer, because theft by another name apparently helps ease the conscience of the thieves. 

By December, some of these same uncelebrated community organizers who spent the year leading “die-ins,” voting drives and the thousands-deep rallies around the country would meet privately with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. (“We got a chance to really lay it out—we kept it real,” Hayes told me about the meeting. “We were respectful, but we didn’t pull any punches.”) A few days after that White House meeting, Hillary Clinton, widely assumed to be eyeing another bid for the presidency in 2016, nodded to them when she dropped one of the mantras of the demonstrators—“black lives matter”—into a speech at a posh awards ceremony in New York City.

“We were respectful, but we didn’t pull any punches.”  Yeah, they want their money and they want it now, or there’s going to be trouble.  Good thing these “community organizers” have a useful idiot like Hillary Clinton on their side!

All this new energy comes, ironically, as the country’s appetite for fighting racial inequality—never all that robust in the best of times—appears to be ebbing. The tent-pole policy victories of the civil rights movement are even now in retrenchment: 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, American schools—especially in the South—are rapidly resegregating; the Voting Rights Act, which turns 50 in 2015, has been effectively gutted; and, despite the passage of the Fair Housing Act, our neighborhoods are as segregated as ever. Once-narrowing racial gaps in life outcomes have again become gaping chasms.

Yeah, isn’t it “ironic” that our appetite for fighting racial inequality ebbed after the laws were changed to guarantee equal treatment under the law (and in some cases to even provide preferential treatment)?  What an amazing coincidence! 

But what isn’t a coincidence is that the “retrenchment” has come after 50 years of liberal policy that has progressively (no pun intended) turned much of the black community into government-dependent spoiled brats, Mr. Demby.  That’s no surprise at all.

At the same time, the new movement’s emergence has caused friction with the traditional civil rights establishment that identifies with those earlier, historic victories. At a recent march put together by Sharpton’s National Action Network in Washington, D.C.—meant to protest the recent decisions not to indict the officers in several high-profile police-involved killings and push for changes in the protocol from prosecutors—younger activists from St. Louis County were upset at what they saw as a lineup of older speakers on the podium who were not on the ground marching in Ferguson. So they climbed onto the stage and took the mic. “It should be nothing but young people up here!” a woman named Johnetta Elzie yelled into the microphone. “We started this!” Some people cheered them. Others called for them to get off the stage. After a few minutes, the organizers cut off their mics. (In the crowd, someone held up a neon-green sign making their discontent with the march’s organizers plain: “WE, THE YOUTH, DID NOT ELECT AL SHARPTON OUR SPOKESPERSON. HAVE A SEAT.”)

Hahahaha!  The spoiled brats are turning on their plantation masters.  I love it.

A few days later, Elzie downplayed the incident and told me that the disagreement was simply about “someone who doesn’t want to give up the reins and who has a huge platform.”

That’s right, Elzi.  Race hustling is a lucrative and ego-gratifying business.  Sharpton and Jackson and the rest of the original hustlers aren’t going to go away quietly, I’m afraid.

Gene Demby is the lead blogger for NPR's Code Switch team, covering race, ethnicity and culture.

NPR.  That figures.  These are your tax dollars at work, folks. 

Lately when I read articles that attempt to put a credible spin on the Left’s agenda I’ve been taking a little time to peruse the comments posted by readers, and I’m seeing an encouraging trend.  Hopefully it’s not just wishful thinking on my part, but more and more it seems that readers are waking up and soundly rejecting the insanity with comments that reveal genuine disgust.  Writers like Gene Demby, who appear to have cocooned themselves in the world as they would like it to be, would be well-advised to read what their commenters have to say.


A special thanks to Crawfish for bringing this gem to the attention of Nox & Friends and allowing me the honor of ripping it apart.